#BYOB: 11 Fun Business Ideas For Women At Home

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There are many business ideas for women at home. But what will truly define your success is your drive, hard work and dedication.

Working from home can be a quite fun, especially when you do what you truly love. It not only allows you to work at your own pace, but also accords you time for yourself so you can pursue interests beyond your profession. Luckily, there are many business ideas for women at home that range from media to web designing, and from party management to becoming a social media influencer, among others.

There is certainly a lot to explore and if you are in the market for new business ideas for women at home, look no further, we've got you covered.

11 Business Ideas For Women At Home 

As with most businesses, these also require complete dedication and hard work. But if you are willing to put in a little extra, you can earn big bucks and run a super successful business from the comfort of your home. 

1. Social media influencer 

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Let us begin with the latest millennial fad- the social media influencer. Whether you have an interest in fashion, beauty, skincare, styling or even travel, health and/or food, if you are willing to share your ideas and present yourself as an expert on social media with flair, you can become a brand yourself. 

This field is tricky and you never know what to expect, but it is an adventurous platform that allows you to engage with new people and earn money through advertisements-- all whilst sitting in the comfort of your home.   

2. Party planner

Asians love social gatherings and we are quite used to them, thanks to our huge family get-togethers. And if you are confident about your skills of managing your large family gatherings then use that as an excuse to do it professionally. 

You can start your own party planning business. You don't even need to invest much in the beginning and can start by assisting people in their small parties. Help design their party plans, create their guest list and menu cards and suggest places for parties and gifting. 

3. Web designer 

For those who may be well-versed with website designing and HTML, among other things, website designing is a good option. There is no field work involved and you can create websites or assist engineers to do so from the comfort of your homes. 

You also get the opportunity to showcase your work to not just local clients, but also those sitting abroad. Plus, expert and experienced web designers can earn anywhere between S$3,000 and S$15,000 per month.  

4. Home daycare manager

For those who may enjoy spending time with kids, a home daycare centre is another good option. You will need a license to open one where more than five to 10 children are involved.

But if you can manage just a few kids daily at your home, you can earn a decent living. Plus, its also a good stepping stone if you wish to pursue teaching as a full-time career. 

5. Dance or music instructor

Don't while away your talent as a singer, musician or a performer sitting at home. Make use of this gift and start performance classes.

There are many at-home dance or music classes and several women across the globe earn a good living with it. But more importantly, they are able to share their talent and help another person develop theirs in the process.

You can dedicate a room for your classes and even select the number of classes and the fee based on your experience and drive.  

6. Writer 

Thanks to the growth in content generation, both offline and online, many content creators have found their calling. From book writers to editors to copywriters and niche content creators, there are many avenues for the talented.

In fact, even job sites now have an at-home writer or freelancer section. If you don't find a suitable company, you can always start your own blog and earn income through advertisements and pay per click systems. 

7. Fashion designer 

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Whether you love to design clothes or jewellery, you can do so from the comfort of your own home. Asian women have for centuries used their creative talents to design clothes and jewels from home with their boutiques, if you may. 

Yes, you will need some investment and administrative help. But once you kick start your work, and spread the word through social media you can attract customers and even assist your clientele in creating their own customised pieces. 

8. Interior decorator 

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On the lines of fashion and jewellery designing comes interior decoration. Yes, its best to have had a course to help you understand the jargon. But those who are talented or have a natural flair for interior decoration might succeed without a degree. 

You need to have a keen eye on the latest trends in the market and advise your customers accordingly. You can even create design plans and add suggestions of places where people can look for ornamental additions to their homes. All while sitting at your home. 

9. Social media consultant 

Those who have an interest in social media and keep themselves abreast with trends, can easily become social media consultants.

Sites including Facebook and Instagram are now being used not just for the purpose of passing time, but also for businesses. In fact, social media influencers have made careers out of it and so can you. Help companies prepare social media strategies (how to use social media to better businesses) and become a bonafide professional consultant sitting at home. 

10. Baker and catering business owner

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Bring out your inner Masterchef to start your own bakery and/or catering service. Invest in a few baking equipments and hone your skills to graduate to advance level baking. You can even take online baking courses to better your talent. 

Promote your work through social media and invite friends and initial clients to write testimonials. This will help spread the name of your bakery and if this is truly something you love, there is nothing stopping you from success.  

11. Vacation rental owner

The list of people who have benefitted from having a spare room and vacation rental registrations is endless. If you live at a place that is frequented by tourists and have a room to spare, register yourself to a vacation renting company and earn from that spare room. 

You can even put it up to be used as a rented room for students and professionals. 

No matter which business idea you choose to pursue, the most important aspect of starting something on your own is drive. Don't wait for tomorrow, because it never comes. If you want to do something, start working towards it from today.

Remember, if you want to explore your own talent and share that gift with others, there isn't be anything to stop you from succeeding. So follow your heart and make your ultimate dreams come true.   

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