Mattel Is Turning BTS Into Dolls, And Army Twitter Is Shookt

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Welp, there go our savings.

K-pop juggernaut BTS's members are so cute that we'd love to take them home. Pretty soon, you might just be able to. Mattel just announced via Twitter that they're partnering with BigHit to create official BTS dolls, and as expected, the internet has gone crazy over the BTS x Mattel news.

According to Mattel, these dolls won't be Barbie or Ken dolls, but an entirely new line.

Colour us intrigued.

Here are some of our favourite reactions to the BTS x Mattel news.
1. RIP, 2019 budget.

2. The biggest plot twist of 2019 came early.
 3. Practicality? Watdat?
4. We. Want. Accessories!

5. Same, fam.
6. We gonna have soooo much fun.

7. The boys are basically Ken dolls already, so this should be easy for Mattel.
8. Of course, this could go very, very wrong.

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