BTS At Grammy 2019: Boy Band Dazzled On Red Carpet In Custom Korean Tuxedos

BTS At Grammy 2019: Boy Band Dazzled On Red Carpet In Custom Korean TuxedosBTS At Grammy 2019: Boy Band Dazzled On Red Carpet In Custom Korean Tuxedos

BTS at Grammy 2019 was a total mood

Make way, the K-pop kings have arrived. That was probably what went through everybody's minds when they saw K-pop global powerhouse BTS at Grammy 2019.

Making their debut at the prestigious award function, the boy band looked suave as they made their grand entrance on the red carpet. But unlike what most people expected, the boys didn't opt for an international luxury brand. Instead, they chose homegrown Korean designers--JayBaek Couture and Kim Seo Ryong. 

Now that's what we call #represent. 

BTS At Grammy 2019: Support Local Designers On The Red Carpet

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The seven-member band arrived on the red carpet looking their ever so charming, confident and elegant selves dressed in clean and crisp black tuxedos.

And it came as a surprise to many when they found out that they decided on custom-made suits by two lesser-known South Korean designers. Several members including V, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, Suga, and RM were personally dressed by JayBaek Couture, while designer Kim Seo Ryong attended to J-Hope.  

Why BTS Decided To Don Korean Tuxedos 

South Korea’s booming entertainment industry has resulted in the rise of the local custom suits market in the country. This market caters to its countless top celebrities.

But these same designers rarely have an international platform to showcase their brand. Most stars tend to prefer big brands with global recognition to represent them.

So working with stars on BTS's level of fame means a lot to a local designer and could potentially elevate a relatively unknown brand to global heights. This now includes designer JayBaek Couture, who currently works with many local actors like Hyun Bin and K-pop stars GOT7 and BTS.   

BTS has certainly demonstrated support towards their fellow countrymen by choosing to wear well respected, but lesser known local brands, on such an influential global platform.  

Not just that, they also became the talk of the town post their Grammy debut, thanks to their flawless skin. 

BTS Also Debuted Their Skin Secrets On An International Stage: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Known for their clear, dewy glass skin, BTS members revealed their skin secrets in a previous interview with Allure.

“Skin is what completes my appearance. I value my looks very much, so it’s equally important to take good care of my skin — that’s a pivotal part of my face,” Jin said. 

“Taking good care of your skin is the number one rule for all celebs. I get to meet a lot of fans face-to-face at fan meetings and similar events, and I’d like to look my best for them,” added J-Hope.

They also shared that Jimin hydrates himself by drinking “as much water as possible” when flying. On the other hand, V tackles his dry skin on the airplane with a toner and “twice as much” lotion than usual. When it comes to their actual skincare regimens, most of them appear to rely on toning and moisturising using Korean beauty products.  

“I love sheet masks. I try to put them on whenever I feel my skin is dry and exposed too much to the sun. They help me make up for lost moisture and brighten my skin,” Jin said.

With smooth and glowing skin, along with their classic combo of go-to subtle smoky eye look and popsicle-stained lips, it is no wonder BTS fans all over the world are constantly obsessing on how they can look like their favourite K-pop stars. 

Now coming to the Grammys, ICYMI, BTS were not the only ones hogging the limelight. There were a few fashionable moment on the red carpet that made fans sit up and take notice. 

Best Looks To Covet At Grammy 2019

1. Kylie Jenner

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Beauty mogul Kylie Jenner was not seen in her usual fitted getup, but instead decided on a pink jumpsuit by Balmain that covered the majority of her skin, surprisingly.  

2. Bebe Rexha

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Pop star Bebe Rexha donned a scarlet Monsoori gown, which featured a halter-style top with a flowing tulle skirt and an accentuated waist. This, after she shared that no designer was ready to dress her because she is a size 12. 

3. Cardi B

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Grammy award winner and five-time nominated artist Cardi B looked every bit like a queen in a dramatic gown by Thierry Mulger that stole the show on the red carpet. With a sheer front and the rest of her outfit flowing up and representing a shell, social media users are comparing her outfit to a pearl and oyster. This was from the brand's 1995 runway collection. 

4. Miley Cyrus

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Newly-married Miley Cyrus looked edgy, yet sophisticated in a classic oversized tux by Mugler. She even rocked the stage in a similar black outfit. But she was certainly a showstopper at the red carpet, even though she didn't have the best arm candy, her handsome husband, Liam Hemsworth.

5. Hennessy Carolina

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Cardi B’s younger sister Hennessy Carolina also had heads turning in a bright neon, pantless look which featured a short blazer-style dress along with puffy sleeves. Uffff! 

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