How I Found Out I Had Breast Cancer: Real Women Share Their Stories

How I Found Out I Had Breast Cancer: Real Women Share Their StoriesHow I Found Out I Had Breast Cancer: Real Women Share Their Stories

Getting a breast cancer diagnosis isn't the end of the world, but it can sure feel like it. But the sooner you get your diagnosis, the better. These women (okay, and one man) shared their breast cancer stories of diagnosis so that we can be more aware of the signs to watch out for, as well as learn about what people with breast cancer have to deal with.

Scroll down to read breast cancer stories of diagnosis from real people.

How I Found Out I Had Breast Cancer: Real Women Share Their Stories

7 Breast Cancer Stories of Diagnosis

1. My first doctor told me to stop wasting her time.

"I was getting out of the shower and noticed discharge and called my doctor. Did all the usual tests for breast cancer like mammogram, etc. came back ok and the new doctor basically told me to quit wasting her time. By pure luck was reassigned to another doctor who ordered an MRI. Full of breast cancer that didn't show up on any standard tests." [via]

2. We were all devastated when we found out.

"I never had it myself but my mom did and she found out because her company sends its employees to get mammograms regularly, and she was even debating if she should go or not because she didn't really feel like going and was convinced that she's probably fine. We were all devastated when we found out but imagine if she didn't go. She had no symptoms, who knows what stage it would have gotten to before she knew she had it otherwise. So now she's fine, thankfully." [via]

3. I thought I was pregnant.

How I Found Out I Had Breast Cancer: Real Women Share Their Stories

"I had an unusual symptom — a leaky nipple. It was a drip that got worse until it was like a leaky faucet. My fiancé made me see the doc, bless him. I was 28. Thought I was pregnant! Ha! Had a single mastectomy, chemo, rads, now on meds. No egg freezing for me either, but our fingers are crossed. Cancer is scary, but they're getting much better at treating it." [via]

4. I got my diagnosis a few days after my mum did.

"My mother was diagnosed in October 2012. A few days later I was reading the Wikipedia info for breast cancer and saw a particular picture and thought ‘that looks like my left breast’. I didn’t have a lump, I had what they called ‘dimpling’. I saw my GP the next day and she told me she thought I did have breast cancer and booked me in for mammogram and ultrasound, which confirmed the diagnosis.

"In Australia, the advice is not to have a mammogram until 50 unless there is a family history of breast cancer. I was 49 years, 11 months and 1 week old when I had that first mammogram. Having one at 45 would possibly have saved my life. A bone scan revealed metastatic cancer in my bones so there is no hope of a cure. So far I'm doing well, no progression but the future is highly uncertain." [via]

5. Men get breast cancer, too.

"I was sitting in a board meeting. Seated next to me was a good friend who happened to be director of surgery at a local hospital. During the meeting, I felt a lump under my right nipple. I showed it to my friend who felt it. He told me it’s probably nothing but let’s remove it. Come by my office and we will take it out.

"Flash forward one week, I got a call from my friend. He was very upset. Despite being a high-level surgeon which thousands of cases under his belt, this was the first time he had to deliver the news to a friend. I had cancer and we needed to treat it immediately.

"That happened approximately a month ago. Since then I have had 3 surgeries to remove the mass/tumor and a full mastectomy. Removed a total of 17 lymph nodes. My chemotherapy began yesterday. The prognosis is good and we feel we found it early. The stage is believed to be 2." [via]

6. When your doctor tells you to get a mammogram, get one.

How I Found Out I Had Breast Cancer: Real Women Share Their Stories

"Get a mammogram. I hadn’t had one in several years. Thought I was too old for them—in my 60s. My doc insisted, so I did. Then they wanted a follow up. I resisted as I’d had so many false positives in my life. Again she insisted. LLLOOOOONNNGGGG story short, they found microscopic breast cancer. Two surgeries and 6 weeks of radiation and I’m good to go. Would have been MUCH worse has I continued to procrastinate." [via]

7. I found the lump while I was pregnant

"Discovered a lump in my breast while I was pregnant, it kept getting bigger but everyone told me it was a cyst. Found out a few weeks pregnant it was breast cancer. Ended up with what I thought was a cold just before my baby was born, cough wouldn't go away, three weeks after she was born found out I had lung mets. Was told I had a couple of years and would be on chemo the rest of my life, that was 4 1/2 years ago. I finished chemo 4 months after that diagnosis, and have been fine since. Had a CT scan last week and will get the results later this week, fingers crossed that it's clear.

"Update: My scan was clear, still no sign of cancer! So happy and so relieved right now."

What did you think of these breast cancer stories of diagnosis? Are you a breast cancer survivor? Share your breast cancer stories of diagnosis in the comments below!


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