The Body Language of Unhappy Couples: Learn To Recognise The First Signs of Trouble

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Have you been paying attention to your partner's nonverbal communication?

Actions really do speak louder than words. And in a relationship, it’s not just what you do, but how you do it. Your body language speaks volumes about your relationship’s health, so learn to recognise the body language of unhappy couples.

Something might feel off in your relationship but you’re not sure why. If you think it might all be in your head, take a look at how your partner moves around you. Awareness of your partner’s body language cues could show you the answer.

body language of unhappy couples

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1. Kissing with hard, pursed lips

Just because your partner still kisses you doesn’t mean that your relationship is safe. If your partner kisses you with pursed lips, that’s a sign of tension and emotional distance. These could be kisses of obligation, not desire or affection.

Also take note of how often and when your partner kisses you. Does he only kiss you to greet you or when you have sex? If so, that ain’t good.

2. Distant hugs

Couples express love and intimacy through physical touch, and romantic hugs have partners pressing their hearts together to feel closer to each other. Hugging with your chests apart is more platonic, and is also a sign of emotional distance. The closer your bodies are to each other’s, the better.

3. The lack of eye contact

If your partner seems to be avoiding making eye contact with you, they could be hiding something, or avoiding a difficult conversation. Direct eye contact denotes comfort and vulnerability — its absence could spell trouble.

4. He folds his arms when he talks to you

When your partner talks to you, do they sit or stand back instead of leaning towards you? Or do they fold their arms instead of opening up to you? Your partner probably isn’t using closed body language like this intentionally, but it could be a sign of trouble.

5. He’s always on his phone

When you’re out on a date, is your partner often on his phone, scrolling through Instagram or playing a game, instead of paying attention to you? Not only is this rude, it’s a sign of disinterest and thoughtlessness. You deserve better than this.

What to do if your partner displays the body language of unhappy couples

Just because your partner does some (or all) of the above doesn’t mean that your relationship is beyond redemption. Recognising that there’s something off in your relationship is the first step to fixing it.

Find some time to bring this up with your partner. Calmly explain how you feel — watch your body language as well and don’t point fingers and make accusations. Fixing your relationship could start from small things like being conscious about how you touch your partner, or how you listen to each other.

Though you may disagree on some things, you and your partner should have the same agenda: getting on the same page so that you can save your relationship. Making small adjustments to your behaviour could make a world of a difference, so don’t lose heart.

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