The 'Smoked Marshmallow' Is One Of 2019's Coolest Blonde Hair Color Shades

The 'Smoked Marshmallow' Is One Of 2019's Coolest Blonde Hair Color ShadesThe 'Smoked Marshmallow' Is One Of 2019's Coolest Blonde Hair Color Shades

One of the coolest blonde hair color shades has finally arrived

Make way, one of the coolest blonde hair color shades has arrived and it will make you want to turn blonde stat! You might have seen all the different versions of blonde, but this hair color trend is worth a second look.

Whether you rock long, media or short hair, this hair color will change your mane game. 

'Smoked Marshmallow': 2019's Coolest Blonde Hair Color Shades

This trend is called the 'smoked marshmallow hair,' and predicted to be among one of 2019's hottest hues. The memorable name is inspired from s'mores, as the dark roots found in this hairstyle are similar to the burnt crisp of a marshmallow.

Designed to be a 'lived-in' look, the color has a low-maintenance vibe and adaptable to various shades of blonde and brunette.

So who dreamed up this new style? Bakersfield, California-based colourist Megan Martinez did, and she created the color due to her love for bright blondes. And with the understanding that clients often cannot deal with any form of high maintenance. She definitely knows her stuff!

Martinez usually works with what clients already have to get the smoked marshmallow color, which is a mix of three-inch roots in medium brown shade and light-blonde ends.

"I took deep diagonals throughout her root area around her hairline," she told Allure.

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"She lifted amazingly with a pale blonde," she added. 

Martinez uses Pulp Riot Faction 8 toner to obtain the icy blonde hue, as the strong pigments in the product do not tone the hair more than unnecessarily.

"It's rich with quinoa protein, which keeps my clients' hair strong and shiny," she shares, with an ultimate goal of serving her clients with healthy and vibrant hair.

Maintaining Your Blonde Hair Color Shades

To get natural-looking blonde color while preventing brassy hair, Martinez suggests using a purple shampoo. She advises going for the Pulp Riot Barcelona Toning Shampoo for upkeep before that two-month appointment. Other great products that can help maintain the look are the following.

1. DpHue Cool Blonde Shampoo, $24.00

This dpHue shampoo is a must for those with blonde, gray, or white hair. It is formulated with deep violet pigments that neutralize yellow tones and brassiness, while giving the hair a gentle cleanse.

2. Orlando Pita Play Ampli-Tint Color Depositing Hair Mask, $30.00

Great to keep the blonde color in check, the hair mask suits cooler shades that tend to go brassy or warm with each shampoo. Aside from maintaining the hair color, it also increases vibrancy and shine.

3. Sachajuan Silver Shampoo, $38.00

Many blondes' favorite, this purple-hued shampoo gives hair volume, while relying on the brand's proprietary Ocean Silk Technology to counteract and neutralize unwanted yellow/gold tones. 

Smoked Marshmallow Is One Of The Easiest To Maintain Blonde Hair Color Shades

She understands that even if clients want to go blonde, maintenance can be extremely expensive and time-consuming too. But the smoked marshmallow look is an overall easy and low-maintenance one that also elevates your look to an edgy and pretty one at the same time. No doubt it is still worth a go.

"Sometimes you don’t have time to upkeep your roots, so when you have a beautiful blend you have a little bit more leeway," she told Allure about the new trend.

The 'blend' refers to the mix of highlights and lowlights that enables regrowth to be less harsh. So clients do not have to upkeep on a monthly basis, but can refresh every six to eight weeks instead.  

Stylist Amy Clark at Brooklyn- based Rob Peetoom Salon also praised the new and attractive hair colour.

"Because of the intentionally brown root, this is a great option for those who prefer a low-maintenance balayage trend or whose hair might be damaged from previous color jobs," Clark shared.

With a cool-tone blonde but darker roots, the smoked marshmallow colour is great for those that cannot commit to regular salon visits but still desire a gorgeous, new look.

Most especially those who want to go blonde, but not the burden of having to upkeep highlights every six weeks.

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