Please, For The Love Of All That Is Good, Don't Do The Bird Box Challenge

Please, For The Love Of All That Is Good, Don't Do The Bird Box ChallengePlease, For The Love Of All That Is Good, Don't Do The Bird Box Challenge

Those likes aren't worth it, man.

2019 just started, and if we're going by the year's first few days, it looks like it's gonna be pretty weird. Recently, a new viral trend inspired by the horror Netflix film Bird Box has taken over social media, and it's gotten so out of hand that Netflix US even wrote a tweet pleading with the film's fans to stop jumping on the bandwagon and just skip doing the Bird Box challenge altogether.

The Bird Box challenge has had people walking into walls, falling down staircases, and just tripping over themselves for the sake of clout, and while it's very, very funny, it's also very, very dumb. Just follow Netflix's advice and don't do it.

"Please do not hurt yourselves with this Bird Box challenge," the official account tweeted in all caps, later saying that they don't want anyone to end up hurt because of memes.

Bird Box Challenge: Here's why you shouldn't do it

In case you haven't watched the film, the characters in Bird Box are blindfolded for the entire movie to protect themselves from a supernatural entity that causes people to kill themselves once they see it. Based on a novel by Josh Malerman, the movie launched on Netflix on December 21, 2018, and according to Netflix, it's the platform's most-watched film within the first seven days of its release.

And just so you know that doing the Bird Box challenge is a terrible idea, here are a couple examples of the challenge going horribly wrong:

This one is most probably fake, but if it were real, we can't say that dude didn't have it coming.

And just think of the children!!

This better be fake.

Oh, humanity. We can do better than this.

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(Featured image: Netflix; Malic & Katrine on YouTube)

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