Find Out Your Best Zodiac Love Match

Find Out Your Best Zodiac Love MatchFind Out Your Best Zodiac Love Match

Run a compatibility check by the stars to see who your best zodiac love match is.

Admit it. You’ve checked a potential partner’s horoscope before, looking for signs to tell you whether you’re headed for a romantic lovefest or for a disaster of a heartbreak. While your star signs are not the be all and end all of compatibility, they can provide clues that show you exactly what to watch out for. 

Get ready to amp up your love life by checking your sign and all the best ways you can let romance into your life.


Your Best Zodiac Love Match: Leo and Libra
Aries expects a lot from their partner. Their energy runs high and they need to be with someone who can keep up. Leo, who’s always down for anything, is a great match for Aries’ go-go-go personality. Independent Aries, once partnered up, can be pretty clingy. Libra’s always ready to dish out some love and attention—enough to keep Aries satisfied and happy.


Your Best Zodiac Love Match: Scorpio and Capricorn
Taurus can be as finicky with their significant other as they can be with their stuff. They’ll love you up just as long as you don’t question their opinions and methods. Scorpios are protective and possessive—they can coexist with Taurus in a private love bubble just fine. Capricorn, on the other hand, is reserved and can hold back just enough so they don’t surrender 100% of their heart and soul (which is a good thing).


Your Best Zodiac Love Match: Virgo and Sagittarius
Known for their unpredictability, Gemini’s can bring both pleasure and pain to their potential lovers. Virgo’s ability to rein people in and put structure into life and love can be the perfect complement to Gemini’s mood swings. Sagittarius is relaxed enough not to take Gemini’s flakiness too seriously. Their optimism is infectious—something Gemini needs.

Your Best Zodiac Love Match:
Pisces and Aquarius
Cancers take to the steady and comfy chill of a long-term partnership effortlessly. Super affectionate and caring (even if they’ve been hurt in the past), they can snap back at you if you even begin to test them. Pisces' tendency to give their partner their all will keep Cancer satisfied. And Aquarius’ penchant for fun can give Cancer some much-needed lightening up.

Your Best Zodiac Love Match:
Capricorn and Leo
Leo will always put their lover first, just as long as that person doesn’t get in the way of their career. That said, they’re incredibly committed to their partners and will be there for them no matter what. No one understands Leos more than fellow Leos, so you’ll do well to partner up with someone born near your birthday. Capricorns are practical and serious and won’t mind coming second to a Leo’s ambitious goals.

Your Best Zodiac Love Match:
Gemini and Taurus
Virgos keep their relationships on a pretty tight leash with very little wiggle room left for spontaneous road trips, unplanned mini-breaks, and surprise date nights. They think long-term and want to preserve themselves and their partners’ energy so the relationship lasts. Gemini can give Virgos a much-needed dose of impulsiveness. Homebody Taurus will be comfortable with Virgos dictating all the terms and conditions.

Your Best Zodiac Love Match:
Aquarius and Aries
It takes a lot to impress Libras. They like their significant others to look good and show them a good time. This is Aquarius’ strong suit—it’s natural for them to come up with ideas that’ll keep Libra happy. That said, Aquarius does tend to drift off and be distracted. If Libra can’t hack that, they’re better off with energetic Aries, who understands that you’ve got to put in the time when it comes to serious relationships.

Your Best Zodiac Love Match:
Capricorn and Pisces
Scorpio can be extremely territorial, so his or her partner needs to be someone who shows complete and utter devotion. They need to be with someone who will never stray. Capricorn’s dedication and down to earth attitude is a great match for Scorpio’s intensity. Pisces, on the other hand, is equally passionate and seductive. They can stew in a super steamy partnership with Scorpio, no problem.


Your Best Zodiac Love Match: Gemini and Taurus
One of Sagittarius’ greatest qualities is their ability to see the fun in life. Gemini’s spontaneous spirit will make them and Sag one of the most easygoing, coolest couples in the zodiac. Sagittarius’ good mood tendencies, however, can make them the worst people to disappoint. They don’t handle rejection or hopelessness too well. Taurus will know how to be frank with a Sag without coddling them.

Your Best Zodiac Love Match:
Scorpio and Leo
Capricorn won’t enter a relationship lightly. They’re in it for the long haul. They’d rather wait for the right partner no matter how long it takes than jump into some half-hearted fling. Scorpio’s intensity is a great match for Capricorn’s seriousness—you know these two are going to make it work no matter what. Leo can deliver on Cap’s requirements for commitment, but can also introduce a bit of fun to the mix.


Your Best Zodiac Love Match: Aries and Taurus
Aquarius has a reputation for distraction. Their attention flits and flies all the time. Aries’ super energetic and self-assured personality can be so commanding that Aquarius has no other recourse but to look their way. On the other hand, Taurus’ grounded I’m-not-moving-from-here personality can anchor Aquarius to the ground and keep them from straying.

Find Out Your Best Zodiac Love Match
Your Best Zodiac Love Match:
Scorpio and Cancer
Pisces has no qualms about giving their partner all the feelings. They need to be partnered up with someone who actually appreciates how full on they get when they love someone. Scorpio’s possessive tendencies will be a good match for how devoted Pisces can be. On the other hand, Cancer’s ability to nurture and care for their partner all the time will keep Pisces’ heart and ego happy and fulfilled.

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