10 Kinky Games To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom

10 Kinky Games To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom10 Kinky Games To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom

Stuck in a rut? Mix things up by adding more "play" in your adult playtime.

Is it time to mix things up with one of these sex games for couples?

If you’ve been with your partner for quite some time, chances are you probably know the ins and outs (haha geddit?) of pleasing each other in bed. While that familiarity with each other’s bodies makes you better at giving each other pleasure, you could also fall into the trap of doing the exact same thing every single time — which can get boring, turning sex into a routine instead of an exciting, sensual act that brings the two of you closer together. 

10 Best Sex Games For Couples

1. The Fantasy Bowl

This game lets you share fantasies you might’ve been too shy to talk about earlier, plus you’ll get to do new things in bed.

On small pieces of paper, write down sexual fantasies you’ve yet to try with your partner and place it in a bowl. It could be something as simple as having sex on the kitchen counter or giving roleplaying a go.

Place all the slips of paper in a bowl (or hat or box — whatever works), and unfold them together, taking turns to read each one out loud. Then, when you’re both hot and bothered, you can start working on fulfilling each other’s deepest desires.

10 Kinky Games To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom

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2. Blind Man’s Buff

After blindfolding your partner, try to get him to catch you by following your voice. Tease him by narrating how you’re taking off your clothes and telling him about what you’d want to do to him once he catches you. Once he finds you, lead him to the bed and have your way with him.

3. Strip Twister

The concept is simple: you play the board game Twister, except every time someone falls, they have to take off a piece of clothing. You’ll be able to get up close and personal while showing off just how flexible you are, and when things inevitably escalate, you might even end up trying a new position.

4. Board Games

If you wanna go next level with your sex games, you could try investing in a sexy board game designed just for couples. One example is Loopy, which was designed to make sex extra fun while you learn new things about each other.

5. Hide and Seek

This one is best done when your partner least expects it. Before your partner gets home, leave your clothes by the door with a note saying that you’re hiding somewhere. What happens when they find you? That’s your call. (Maybe you can lead onto another one of these best sex games for couples?)

10 Kinky Games To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom

Image: Pexels

6. Sexy Wrestling Match

Challenge your partner to a tickling or pillow fight, and whoever surrenders has to take off a piece of clothing. It gets your heart racing even before you start properly touching each other. Keep playing until you’re both naked, or until one of you just can’t help themselves anymore.

7. Bag of Treasures

Sex toy fiends, this is the game for you. This one’s simple: gather up all your sex toys and put them in a bag. Then, while one of you is blindfolded, the other reaches in the bag to choose a sex toy, which is what you’ll be using in bed.

8. Sex Dice

For this game, all you need is a pair of dice, a piece of paper, a pen, and your imagination. Write out two lists of six new positions both of you have always wanted to try, as well as a list of locations around the house (or outside, if that’s what you’re into). Roll one die each — the first number will decide the sex position you need to try, and the second number will tell you where. Then, take it from there.

9. Pick a Card

Get a regular deck of cards and assign each suit with a different sex act. For example, hearts could mean massaging, spades could mean oral sex, diamonds could mean kissing, and clubs could mean manual stimulation. The numbers on the cards will be how long each act will last. Take turns until you go through the deck, or until you just can’t help yourselves anymore.

10. X-Rated Truth or Dare

If you haven’t noticed yet, one great formula for the best sex games for couples is to take a familiar game and just give it a dirty spin. In this version of truth or dare, you simply make everything X-rated. Take turns to ask questions about each other’s sexual fantasies or dare your partner to step out of their comfort zone. Think you’ll run out of ideas for questions and dares? You can download an app! Try Sexy Truth or Dare, available for iOS, or this similar app for Android.

Which of these best sex games for couples are you most excited to try?

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