These Absolute Best Glo Ups Will Totally Blow Your Socks Off!

These Absolute Best Glo Ups Will Totally Blow Your Socks Off!These Absolute Best Glo Ups Will Totally Blow Your Socks Off!

Make this year your own and flaunt your absolute best glo ups and just in case you need a bit of inspiration, take a cue from these fabulous peeps!

From cringe-worthy photos of adolescence to Instagram-worthy selfies, we've transformed ourselves with our absolute best glo ups (a.k.a becoming the best versions of ourselves).

Be it physical, mention or emotional, it's true that we've all glowed up into our finest versions. 

Swishing past those awkward years of backne, Harry Potter glasses, gapped teeth and barely-there eyebrows (we're so thankful for that, right?), we have come a long way and are more confident to take on the world than ever before. 

To celebrate this journey, regular Twitter users and even celebrities have taken on the 2012-2018 glo up challenge, where you post a before (from 2012) and after (from 2018) picture of yourself. And the results are awesome, to say the least! 

Scroll down to see 10 of the absolute best glo ups that took the Internet by storm! 

1. All hail YouTube makeup tutorials

2. Is this the biggest royal coincidence or what!

3. Praise be! Eyebrows are back

4. Korean beauty is the new bar for best beauty glo ups 

5. Friendship goals

6. Truly, the best versions of ourself

7. Confidence levels 100%

8. God bless the glo up!

9. Some of us discovered makeup 

10. And some, love!

Good luck to you till we meet again in 2024!

Source: Mashable 

(Feature & lead image source: Twitter)

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Written by

Deepshikha Punj