These Boozy-Scented Fragrances Are All The Rage Right Now! Where's Yours?

These Boozy-Scented Fragrances Are All The Rage Right Now! Where's Yours?

All the cool girls are wearing boozy-scented perfumes. Where's yours?

From sake to whisky to rum, the beauty industry has been hit by a barrage of fragrances and it's likely leave an intoxicating sillage like never before. Yes, that's correct!

You may never want to hear somebody say "You smell like booze," especially since you've been trying to not reveal how much you love it since the age of 17. But when there is a "wow" thrown in there somewhere, you might reconsider. 

That's pretty much exactly what's been going on in the perfume world.

Best Boozy Perfumes Are Taking Over 

You see, right now, fragrance makers seem to be in awe of boozy-scented notes like rum, limoncello and even bourbon. The result--dark, warm and sensual fragrances that won't give you a hangover.

So whether you like your drink to be crystalline clear or refreshing or smokier booze with a deep scent, there is something for everybody. But worry not, you won't smell like booze, just its best rendition that might stir some old memories. 

Now if you are planning to get your hands on a few of the best boozy perfumes, look no further. We've done the leg work for you. 

1. Elizabeth & James, Nirvana Bourbon 

Why we love it: A top note of intoxicating tuberose, some deep oakwood, and vanilla bourbon, makes this one of the best boozy perfumes in the market. The scent is comforting enough to reming you your dad's bar cart and heady enough to take you on a mesmerising journey. But yet, it looks amazing placed on a neat white vanity.  
How much: S$160
Where can you buy it:

2. Maison Margiela Jazz Club

Why we love it: Staying true to its name, Jazz Club has top musky notes of pink pepper, soft vanilla and rum absolute that blends perfectly with the base notes of tobacco. Together they form a heady mix of a woody liquor scent that is hard to forget. Incidentally, it is marketed as a male scent, but a woman will smell just as divine. 
How much: S$145
Where to buy it:

3. Byredo Accord Oud Eau de Parfum


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Why we love it: If you like wine, you'll love Byredo's Accord Oud Eau de Parfum. It moves from the light fruitiness of blackberry, rum and saffron into a warmer, much deeper scent. The Accord Oud is also infused with dark wood and leather and has a mix of smokey as well as spicy tones that make it an elegant and fine smelling scent perfect to take you from day to night. 
How much: S$210
Where to buy it: Essentials

4. Fresh Sake


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Why we love it: Sake has very peculiar, almost fruity scent. But mix it with white peach mixed in with the strong fragrance of ginger and a dash of sandalwood and you have an invigorating concoction. This clean and almost velvety scent is perfect for those balmy summer nights.  
How much: S$148
Where to buy: Fresh

5. Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling


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Why we love it: This one is for all the G&T lovers. This rich gin-infused fragrance might bring many fond memories back and even take you on a journey to the 1920s. It has light notes of angelica and juniper berry--that let the fragrance of gin shine--infused with the sweetness of orange brandy and spicy notes notes of pepper and smokiness of leather. It also has a hint of brown sugar and black cherry notes. So basically it has it all- musky, spicy and fruity sweetness, an ideal combination for the perfect date night. 
How much: S$176
Where to buy: Perfume Store

Inspired much? Get your hands on these now if you want to join the boujee club too!

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Deepshikha Punj