How Beginners Can Use These 11 Beauty Fixes To Get Gorgeous In A Flash

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From fixing your hair to getting rid of that zit to saying good-bye to your dark circles, no matter the challenge, we have the best beauty fixes for you

When your social calendar is almost as chock-full as your shopping list, chances are you want to look the best at all times. Unfortunately, there is more than just a bad hair day that can spoil your plans. And if you are a makeup virgin, it can be even harder. However, the good news is that no matter the challenge, we have the best beauty fixes for you. 

From fixing your hair to your mascara. From getting that one zit under control to saying good-bye to your dark circles; we have the solution for every makeup beginner. So go ahead and get gorgeous! 

11 Best Beauty Fixes For A Busy Girl On The Go 

1. De-puff your face 

When you consume salty foods or drink too much alcohol, your body retains fluids making your face and eyes look puffy and ruddy. To help relieve that puffiness, drink about eight glasses of water the next day.

As a quick fix, dab a pea-size amount of Preparation-H onto the puffy areas. Avoid getting it into the eyes and wash it off after 15 minutes. This cream helps bring down the swelling.

Alternatively, you can also rub some ice cubes on the problem areas as it shrinks the veins slightly and reduces puffiness. 

2. Get rid of dark circles under the eyes

A fatigued body can push your blood circulation motion downhill. As a result it increases dark circles under your eyes.

And, if you can’t get eight to nine hours of sleep, your skin becomes paler (due to reduced blood circulation) making the circles appear darker. 

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Try to get as much sleep as possible. If not, resort to slapping on an eye mask before you head out. | Image courtesy: Pxhere

As a solution, slather on a mask that contains ginseng or spearmint. These are skin-stimulating botanicals and help reduce the appearance of dark circles. Try the Shangpree Ginseng Berry Eye Mask for S$39.90. 

Once you’re done with the mask, camouflage the dark circles with a hydrating concealer. We recommend the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Concealer for S$19. 

3. Say good-bye to that zit

If you’ve let stress get to you, chances are you’ve got zits. When you are under stress your adrenaline pumps up and that releases the hormone androgen. This hormone secrets oil that gets trapped in dead skin cells.

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The best way to prevent breakouts is to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis. | Image courtesy: Pxhere

This pileup along with bacteria that may be present in the pores leads to breakouts. 

The best way to prevent breakouts is to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis. For a quick fix, try the ZNIQUE Acne Serum S$29. It contains benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and/or sulphur; all of which work together to dry the zit. On top of the zit you can try the Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer for S$15.90 so it doesn’t clog your pores.  

4. Manage dry and frizzy hair 

Pollution in the city and constant cleaning can strip away essential oils from the scalp, leaving it dry and your hair frizzy. So one of the best beauty fixes for dry and frizzy hair is beer. Yes, beer!  

Soaking your hair in beer for 10 minutes ensures that the moisture in the hair is locked in. Alternatively, you can also try soaking your hair in white vinegar and then washing it off with cold water. The latter will up the ante in the shine department and lend your locks a lustrous look. 

Just remember that these two are not to be used together. You should only use one at a time. 

5. Lighten your locks and camouflage grey hair

Popie Poulos, hairstylist and owner of The Salon, recently shared her top tip to lighten hair colour with Reader’s Digest. Poulos shared that if you rinse your hair in a mixture of chamomile and lemon juice, you can lighten the colour of your hair. 

Allow your hair to dry (use a blow dry or use natural sunlight) with the mixture still in it and you’ll notice a visible difference as the heat lightens your locks. This is especially a great tip if you recently coloured your hair and you want the colour to pop. 

best beauty fixes

You can use a bronzer to cover up greys if you have blonde or red hair. | Image courtesy: Pxhere

As for camouflaging grey hair use your mascara to touch up your roots before you head out. If you have blonde or red hair, use bronzing powder to cover up the roots. Or, you can use Sachajuan’s sensational Dark Volume Powder for S$38, a tinted dry shampoo for the same.  

6. Increase the life of your blow out 

Walking out of a salon with freshly blow dried hair is perhaps every girl’s best hair moment. But, the minute you get back into your regular routine, the hair falls into a slump, become lifeless and greasy. 

So one of best beauty fixes to make sure you maximise the life of your blow out is to start early. Use a texturising hairspray or dry shampoo like the OUAI dry shampoo for S$42. It may be pricey, but it’s certainly worth the splurge. It keeps the flyaways in place and adds volume to your hair. 

Our pro tip is to touch up on your blow dry every morning so you maintain the volume of your very first one. 

7. Accentuate your eyes and keep your brows in place

Quickly accentuate your eyes for a day-time look by adding volume to your upper lashes. Apply a strip of false lashes that are meant for your lower lashes onto your upper lashes. Connect from corner to corner.

Since they are smaller than your traditional wispy upper lash, they will add slight volume without looking too fake. 

As for keeping your brow hair in place, spray some hairspray onto a mascara wand and brush it over your eyebrows. This will keep them steady and at one place. 

8. Get a smooth skin 

We all love a good spa day. But such pampering is always a distant dream for a busy working girl. So the solution is to create your own spa at home. You can create your own luxury indulgence without shelling out hundreds of dollars. 

Right before you are to head out to an event, microwave your favourite lotion for just about 10 seconds. Take it out and rub it all over your body. You’ll notice that your skin is visibly smoother and feels almost as pampered as it would at the spa (well, almost)! 

9. Make last minute tweezing and shaving easy

To remove unwanted hair poking out of your brows, upper lip, chin or even arms and legs, tweezing them out is one of the best beauty fixes. Make the process faster and pain-free by dabbing a cotton ball filled with warm water or cream onto the area.

This will soften the root of the hair and allow you to gently tweeze out the hair. 

As for ingrowth, dab a cotton ball filled with azulene or witch hazel onto the red bump or spot. This will help reduce the swelling.

Now, coax the hair from its original location but don’t tweeze it out just yet. You don’t want another ingrown hair at the same spot. So instead, shave it.  

Pro tip: When you shave, make sure you lather your legs with baby oil. It will leave your legs feeling baby smooth. 

10. Make your manicure last 

In order to make your manicure last longer, scrub them with a fine-grade emery board and clean them with an acetone-based cleanser. Then, apply a base coat that is a bit tacky when it dries.

This will allow the nail paint to stick to it for a longer period of time. 

best beauty fixes

A top coat over your nail paint ensures less chipping and it protects your nails from breakage as well. | Image courtesy: Pxhere

Don’t forget to add a top coat to prevent premature nail paint chipping. In case you fess up and don’t have a nail paint remover add the top coat to the nail and quickly remove the paint with a cotton ball. 

11. Make your lipstick last longer 

The last step in your beauty routine before you head out is putting on some lipstick. And if you want to increase the lasting power of your lipstick we have a trick up our sleeves.

Once you are done applying your lipstick, dab a paper napkin on your lips and dust your compact powder lightly over it. Remove the tissue to notice that while your lipstick has become slightly matte, it will now stay on for longer. The powder traps the colour in and makes it last longer, just as it does with your foundation. 

And finally, one of the most important best beauty fixes- your smile. Add a smile and spruce your outfit with a bit of confidence and viola! You can overcome any beauty challenge that ever came your way.  

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Deepshikha Punj