Why Singaporean Influencer Christabel Aka Bellywellyjelly Is #StyleGoals

Why Singaporean Influencer Christabel Aka Bellywellyjelly Is #StyleGoals

Singapore-based influencer Christabel Chua, better known as bellywellyjelly, is also a budding entrepreneur and reliable digital content creator

More than just another ‘influencer,’ Singapore-based Christabel Chua, better known by her Instagram handle bellywellyjelly, is also a budding entrepreneur and certified digital content creator in the travel, fashion and beauty space.

Her well-executed and curated social media feeds take her audience through her personal life and brand collaborations. This has helped cement her spot as one of the most established fashion and beauty blogger from Singapore. 

With more than 46,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and 159,000 followers on her Instagram account, Christabel Chua is a well-known name to many locals. 

How Cristabel Became BellyWellyJelly

The multi-hyphenate beauty first came onto the beauty vlogging scene by joining Singapore-based lifestyle channel The Smart Local TV’s beauty series, PrettySmart, in 2015.

She had the opportunity to try new products and share makeup tips through these videos, which eventually catalysed her eventual leap into owning her own platform. This, in addition to her longtime desire of setting up her own personal brand in 2017. Named “kāi,” the brand features a range of adorable pouches, bags and stickers.

Her rapid ascent to popularity from her beauty vlogging days in 2015, up until the present day was by no means accidental. But a result of hard work and pure determination! Let's take a look at her journey.

Christabel Of Bellywellyjelly Has Enviable Style We All Love

1. Simple elegance 

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Chua aka bellywellyjelly loves a simple and elegant look that does not say much, but yet shows the best of her. She looks for pieces that do not overshadow her, and that complements her greatly.

Always up for an adventure, Chua loves spending simple pleasures to relax and unwind. Bel aka bellywellyjelly shares that, "Spending some quiet time at a cafe or in my Airbnb while I’m abroad or with a sheet mask every night in bed with my favourite songs playing in the background," are some of her favourite things.

2. Understated chic

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A travel junkie at heart, Chua has visited many places around the world, and that has influenced her understated but chic fashion style.

In an interview, she shared a memory of her most memorable trip to Paris. "Recently I went to Paris to do some travel filming. I’ve been to Paris a few times and it has always been my favourite place. I remember having very nice macarons and hot chocolate. Just having been in Paris during summer, with the sun setting at 9pm, it’s the best because you have daylight throughout," she shared. 

3. Cool neutrals

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Always camera-ready, Chua maintains an effortless style that is hard to ignore, as she prefers to dress comfortably and stylishly everywhere she goes. 

"For me, I like to wear boots, because I don’t think I can travel with heels. As a blogger, I like to take pictures all around, and I feel that when you travel, you have to be very comfortable. I like to wear socks and have them hidden inside my boots. So I can take off my boots when I’m on the flight and still keep my feet warm," she shared in an interview.

4. Smart and savvy casual

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Despite her constant travelling and late nights spent on shoots, Chua remains grateful and positive for the life she lives. And that reflects in her simplistic dressing. She likes to stick to smart and savvy casual styles that are sure to prepare her for any challenges that come her way.

After a particular incident in the past shook her world, she remains steady and has clearly learnt to take things in her stride. 

5. Experimental bold

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Otherwise known as Bellywellyjelly or Bel, Chua is not one to shy away from colour too. Although she is mostly seen in neutrals, she loves a pop of colour in her wardrobe. 

She expresses her feminine style at times while experimenting with colour, sharing that "I like to inject a pop of girly colours like pink and red into my daily dressing."

6. Casual elegance

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One thing that sticks out is her casual approach. And the fact that she remains humble and grounded in her popularity.

She shared in an interview, "My must-haves [for Paris] will be very comfy clothes, maybe jeans or a very comfy dress, because you’ll probably be taking the Metro instead of cabs everywhere, so you have to be comfortable. In Paris, you do a lot of walking, so comfortable shoes are very important as well. And because I like to take a lot of pictures, I will bring along my DSLR, and a pair of shades because it’s summer now."

7. Casual cool

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The avid traveler's passion for beauty and travel is evident, as she documents her dynamic life on her tastefully curated feed. Chua has a way of maintaining on point makeup throughout all her travels, and prefers to stick to a style that complements her vicarious lifestyle.

She makes sure she has fun in all that she does. She shares, "I think I might be quite dainty and girly. However there’s this side of me which itches for fun and excitement. I can probably draw some similarities to Audrey Hepburn!"

8. Elevated casual

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A post shared by CHRISTABEL (@bellywellyjelly) on Jun 29, 2018 at 11:36pm PDT

Unafraid to step outside of her comfort zone and live a vibrant, adventurous life, fans can take a peek into her life through her Instagram. Here, Chua showcases sights of countries as far as Shanghai and Europe.

Her seemingly endless ensembles sometimes feature herself in a simple and humble jeans and hoodie combo, which seems to be her preferred wardrobe of choice. Not forgetting an elegant handbag to elevate her humble look, she is not afraid to mix comfort with elegance.

9. Street cool 

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Chua is known to have humble taste in food and not at all fussy about what she puts in her stomach. Similar to her cool and casual style, she eats whatever is in front of her, although she has her few preferences.

Sharing in an interview, she says, "I am not fussy about food, but I do share some of my favourite haunts once in a while. I love Chinese and Japanese cuisines, especially rice dishes such as cai fan (mixed vegetables with rice), as I grew up eating them. They're my comfort food."

10. Down to earth

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A post shared by CHRISTABEL (@bellywellyjelly) on Jun 18, 2018 at 5:08am PDT

With all the fame and popularity that tends to get to one's head, Chua aka bellywellyjelly is not easily swayed and remains friendly and down to earth as she first started out, even choosing to stick to comfortable looks.

As steadfast as she is, she has poured her dedication into the next chapter of her life into her brand kāi, a venture that was two years in the making. Perfectly reflecting her bright and cheery disposition, her creatively designed pouches is every part of the image she had strived to build up over the years.

She hopes to “spread joy to anyone who is carrying kai pouches," sharing in an interview.

"I think our message is all encompass in these 2 words: Vitamin H(appy). We want to produce lifestyle items that you can use on a daily basis, and when you look at them you feel inspired, happy, and carefree,” she added.   

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Melia Widjaja