Top 10 Asian Beauty Vloggers To Watch This 2018

Top 10 Asian Beauty Vloggers To Watch This 2018

These Asian beauty vloggers to watch are proof that you can own the online beauty industry one makeup tutorial at a time.

It's no secret that the beauty industry has only recently expanded its diversity record, thanks to an onslaught of beauty vloggers. They are on point with the latest trends and their following is a testimony to their popularity. But with so many of them online how would you know which beauty vloggers to watch for that perfect cut crease video! 

Well, worry not, we've done the homework for you.  

With creative content that can help you master everything there is to know about strobing, contouring, winging that liner and everything in between, these Asian beauty vloggers have created a loyal viewer base, and rightly so. They are the YouTube beauty vloggers to watch out for this year and that's why on our list.  

1. Meej Muse


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Jen is Korean beauty vlogger based in Australia. She moved back to Seoul to highlight more of Korean ever-growing beauty products and has a huge international following.

She is the expert when it comes to beauty cushions, skincare, and DIYs. Also, her pet birds make an appearance when she films, which makes her videos uber cute (if you're into that kind of thing)!

YouTube followers: 471,192 

2. Karen Yeung 


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Karen is a Hong Konger (Hong Kong Chinese) based in the USA who creates stunning beauty and fashion videos with super artsy direction and unique angles.

She creates ASMR skincare and makeup videos and doesn't shy away from really dramatic looks. She has the so-called 'glass skin' and has a liking for colouring her hair in crazy shades.

Her fashion style is very playful and has a lot of vintage influence. She is extremely proud of her Hong Kong roots and vlogs about it whenever she can. 

YouTube followers: 1,579,330

3. Jovita George


Jovita George is a Desi YouTuber based in Kuwait. She is known for her celeb-inspired makeup looks, DIYs and often discusses Indian heritage to her subscribers.

If it's your first time visiting her channel, we highly recommend you check out her video titled "Things I'm Tired of Hearing as An Indian." And, if you're interested to know more about her life, this gal vlogs it too! 

YouTube followers: 360,689

4. DAS


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Das is actually one of the friends of Korean Youtube beauty royalty PONY. She is based in Australia and uses cruelty-free makeup in her looks.

Her editing style is pretty crisp but what will win you over is her sense of humour. Her speech is pretty candid and is not afraid to make fun of herself--a bit self-deprecating, but it's hilarious.  

YouTube followers: 105,551

5. Sonia Eryka


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Sonia blogs, bakes, and is a freelance stylist. Her YouTube channel is also a random mix of her passions in life including cover songs, fashion videos, and travel videos.

Unlike usual vloggers her style is a mixture of edgy and cute. Her editing style has a vintage, blurry effect which makes it a bit artsy but also a spectacle to watch. 

YouTube followers: 12,584

6. Anastasia Siantar


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Anastasia is the epitome of glam. She lives the glam life, looks glam, and uses gorgeous Instagram-worthy products.

Her YouTube channel is a goldmine of travel videos hosted by high-end and designer brands she works with. And oh, did we mention she looks really gorgeous?  

YouTube followers: 11,624

7. Wendy's Lookbook


A post shared by Wendy Nguyen (@wendyslookbook) on May 31, 2018 at 7:02pm PDT


Wendy's YouTube channel has most of the useful stuff you need to know about skincare, fashion, makeup and life in general. Her most trending video "25 Ways To Wear A Scarf in 4.5 Minutes" has reached 42 million views.

Her next video "How to Walk in Heels & Stilettos" garnered approximately 3 million views. If you're all about the feminine, glamourous and classy fashion, go follow her right now!

YouTube followers: 665,860

8. Raiza Contawi 


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Raiza is a legitimate makeup artist who shot to YouTube fame last year and has no plans of stopping. She is known for her celebrity makeup transformations and her superb makeup skills.

She can use five products and create a glam look out of it. She also reviews makeup products on her channel and doesn't give any brand mercy. We love that she is brutally honest about the products whether or not it's given to her or she bought it. 

YouTube followers: 299,365

9. Jessica Vu


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Jessica Vu is one of the most gorgeous beauty vloggers you will ever watch. At such a young age she can pull off both dramatic and simple eyeshadow looks.

She likes bright colours but can also create something with neutral colours. And we love her simple yet Millennial chic style.

YouTube followers: 492,676

10. Sarah Cheung 


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If there's one beauty vlogger we recommend for minimalist uber-natural looks, Sarah's channel is the one to follow. She made the 'boybeat' look trendy, a makeup look that highlights imperfections and barely there skin. 

If you're into that kind of look, we highly recommend this gorgeous gal. 

YouTube followers: 252,179

That wraps up our list of the Asian beauty vloggers to watch out for this 2018. So whether you need to know more about Asianskincaree, foundations, how to create a smokey eyeshadow look, or watch a few DIY beauty trips, these are the channels to go and follow!

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