5 Best Beauty Tips And Secrets To Steal From Beautiology 101

5 Best Beauty Tips And Secrets To Steal From Beautiology 1015 Best Beauty Tips And Secrets To Steal From Beautiology 101

This K-beauty drama not only follows Lee's struggles but also features many beauty tips and secrets, which honestly we can all learn from.

Can you imagine being in a school where you would be marked absent if you didn't wear makeup? Or a place where you could learn all the beauty tips and secrets that are used by professionals?

Well, if you can and it excites you then we bet you'd love to watch what happens in this K-beauty school.

An institution that imparts education on the science, technology, history and marketing of makeup and teaches students some savvy beauty tips and secrets forms the premise of the famous K-drama Beautiology 101 by OnStyle

The story of this unique show revolves around Bongju Lee. Played by Ji-eun Han, Lee is a 20-year-old skincare enthusiast and facialist who enrolls herself at the K-Beauty School. The drama follows her life into the big, bad world of beauty. 

But that's not it.

This K-beauty drama also features many beauty tips and secrets, which honestly we can all learn from. 

Beauty Tips We Can All Learn From Beautiology 101

The following five were our favourite. 

#1 Mix a facial oil with the foundation to add radiance to your face 

In the show, Lee notices dry skin on her client. As a solution, she quickly mixes facial oil with her foundation and viola! It lends a gorgeous, supple and dewy look to her client's face. 

beauty tips and secrets

And we recommend you do the same if you prefer a dewy makeup look or have dry skin. However, if you have oily skin, make sure to buy oil that may have retinol. 

#2 First understand your skin's undertone to get the best lip colour

Knowing how to identify your skin tone is key to solving other puzzling questions like which foundation is perfect for you. Or, for that matter which lip colour would suit you best. 

While there are no set rules about which lip colour you should or shouldn't wear, knowing your undertone can help you get the colour that looks best on you. Since there are three under tones- cool, warm and neutral you can try lip shades based on them.

So a cool-blue or ashey-grey silver lippie would look great on somebody with a cool tone, brows and oranges would look best on those with warm tones. As for those with neutral skintones, wear what you please. 

#3 You can use art brushes instead of makeup brushes 

In the show, the characters play with art brushes and use them to apply makeup. One of them uses the large brush as a flat foundation brush, while the other uses a smaller flat brush to apply eyeshadow. 

Tools to apply makeup can vary based on preference or ease. Some people also prefer to do their entire makeup using sponges. So choose what suits you best and what you can easily use. 

#4 Slather moisturiser, add cling wrap and scrub chapped lips with a toothbrush

Another fabulous trick on the show was all about caring for the lips. Just as a face mask works, slather some moisturiser onto your lips, cover it with cling wrap. This allows the lips to absorb the moisturiser.  

beauty tips and secrets

Now scrub the lips with a toothbrush to remove dead skin cells. This trick leaves the lips clean and smooth and make for the perfect canvas for your lipsticks. 

#5 Facial massage is must for a youthful glow 

Methodical skin care is key to looking radiant and youthful and Beautiology 101 shows exactly that. But if you do not have time for a facial, you can use your moisturiser and massage it well into your skin.

This way the product gets absorbed into the skin and the massage increases blood circulation, lending a youthful glow. 

Now while this show might have finished, but the beauty tips and secrets on here will forever be useful for all makeup junkies.  

Source: Project Vanity

(All images courtesy: YouTube) 

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Deepshikha Punj