Watch Out! The Barrette Hair Clip Is The Latest Trend To Make A Comeback

Watch Out! The Barrette Hair Clip Is The Latest Trend To Make A ComebackWatch Out! The Barrette Hair Clip Is The Latest Trend To Make A Comeback

The barrette hair clip is back in fashion and how

Trends may come and go, but style remains eternal. And if the latest hair trend is anything to go by, it is clear that classic barrette hair clip style is back and how.

 Not a breaking new trend, but perhaps wearing them now as a grown 20-something will make up for times you wore them during the nerdy and awkward growing years.

So if you're into trends and love experimenting, try yourself a barrette hair clip this season. But if you need just a bit of inspiration, look no further, we have that for you as well.  

The Best Way To Wear A Barette Hair Clip 

With the hair trend slowly trickling down from the international Fall/Winter '18 runways to fashion influencers, the style will no doubt dominate social media feeds in the coming months.

So let's look at some of the wearable ways you can don this hair trend yourself! 

1. Side pony with metallic hair clips   

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Wear a side ponytail and elevate the look with metallic hairpins. A true ideal balance of the 90s classic accessory with a contemporary approach. Try an alternative look with the bigger Gianna Hair Clip found at Zalora.

2. Corn rows separated with clips 

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Elevate your look with bedazzled clips on an asymmetrical braided hairdo with corn rows for a casual yet polish look. A plain black hairclip by Aries Accessories is a casual alternative.

3. Sleeked back hair with side clips 

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Try a a sleeked-back hairstyle with bejewelled hair clips for that CNY party look. Take a cue from influencer Denise Ochoa and try a unique, geometric hair clip by Bershka to stand out.

4. Sleek-back crown with embellished side clip

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Among the many ways to incorporate a barrette hair clip into your updo is by opting for a simple sleek crown with soft waves at the bottom. The vibrant 10-pack hair clips by H&M will give you plenty to choose from.

5. Hair clips that match the earrings 

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If you like to experiment and follow runway trends, you can try this latest combination seen first at the Versace Spring Summer show. Gigi Hadid is seen flaunting a simple and straight barrette hair clip that matches perfectly with her jewellery. You can try something like this for Hadid's runway look. 

6. Go bold or go home

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And finally, get rid of your simple barrette hair clip and try these funky, shouty slogan-bearing hair accessories. Seen at The Ashley Williams show last year, these have become a huge rage. If you want a similar off the runway look, try the Oliver Bonas clips here.  

7. Sleek bun with a side metallic barrette hair clip

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Or, if you like a simple sleek bun a'la Meghan Markle, you can alleviate your look with opulent clips. For those with long hair, these black hair clips are perfect for holding down hair.

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