Is Barbie Imperial The Next Big Thing? 11 Things You Need To Know About The Up-And-Coming Actress

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Even after bagging the lead role in a primetime drama, Barbie Imperial remains true to herself. Read on to learn more about the rising star.

After landing the lead role in Filipino drama Araw Gabi, Barbie Imperial has proven that she's one to watch, possibly the next big thing. But Barbie, who shot up to fame after appearing on Pinoy Big Brother, is only getting started. Here are some things about the actress that any diehard fan should know, from Barbie Imperial age to her favourites.

Barbie Imperial Age, Bio, Hobbies, Etc.: 11 Facts About Barbie Imperial

1. She was born in Albay, Bicol in the Philippines.

Her birthday is August 1, 1998, which makes the Barbie Imperial age 20. She was raised by a single mum, and has an older brother. For a time, Barbie and her family stayed in a house along the railroad tracks of the Philippine National Railroad, which earned her the nickname "Doll Along the Riles" on Pinoy Big Brother.

2. She was really shy as a child.

She says that she never planned on entering the entertainment industry because she was so shy. 

3. She says she got into Pinoy Big Brother because she was the only one without a talent.

Barbie only auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother because all her friends were doing it, and she was just going with the flow. Everyone else in the auditions had some sort of talent — singing, dancing — but when asked to dance, Barbie just swayed to the music. "They say that if you stand out, they'll like you," she explains. "And I stood out because I was the only 'talentless' one there."

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4. She prefers laidback, casual clothes

Barbie, who describes her style as "chill", is a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers kind of gal. Comfort and relaxation is her priority, not keeping up with the latest trends.

5. She doesn't really use makeup, but that doesn't stop her from hoarding cosmetics.

Barbie says she loves makeup, but doesn't use much of it. "I just like seeing the makeup with the rest of my things, but I don't really use them," she tells ABS-CBN.

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chill night be like ?❤️

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6. She likes spicy food.

Like a true Bicolana!

7. Her Spotify playlists are always full of LANY songs.

She's particularly fond of "Pink Skies" and "ILYSB".

8. Her favourite movie is Titanic.

She's watched it over 70 times!

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never go in search of love go in search of life and life will find you the love you seek ♡ - @sofabph ?

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9. She's a total homebody.

Though she does enjoy going out with friends, she says that most of the time, she'd rather just stay home and keep to herself.

10. She can't sleep with the lights on.

Barbie's scared of ghosts, but she says she'd rather sleep in the dark rather than keep the lights on and "see something" in the middle of the night. But just because she's easily spooked doesn't mean she stays away from horror flicks. Her fave? Insidious.

11. She's dating JM de Guzman.

Rumours of Barbie's relationship with her Araw Gabi costar have been circulating for quite sometime, but in November 2018, "JuanBie" finally confirmed it to the public.

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Ganto pa din kaya tayo pagtanda natin?

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