7 Bag Styles That You Must Add To Your Closet This Year

7 Bag Styles That You Must Add To Your Closet This Year

From a sturdy bucket to a dainty furry one, from a top handle to an oversized one, these are the fall bags you should shop for this year

We might be on-point when it comes to the ever-evolving clothing trends, but for some reason, we let the bag trends slip. Probably because change in weather doesn't affect our style of accessories, as much as it does clothes. Or, maybe because you invested in designer handbags and don't want to spend too much on trends. 

Either way, this is the one accessory that often feels neglected. But ladies (and gentlemen) its time to change that and indulge in some serious shopping. There are tonnes of new pocket-friendly trends that have hit the market and its time to not just think about your clothes in this changing weather, but also about your carryalls. 

Fashion brands are bringing unconventional shapes, sizes, and funky materials to the market. While your trust-worthy black tote might be your go-to, but these trends may soon change your mind.

Bags Trend 2018: 7 Fall Bags You Need In Your Closet 

Scroll down to see what's in store and how you can cop these styles from the pocket-friendly high-street.

1. Bucket bag
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No points for guessing that the bucket bag has become the numero uno go-to accessory for fashion influencers, models and even actors. And rightfully so.

Its roomy enough to carry your wallet, cards, cell phones and makeup; and chic enough to make any outfit look boujee AF.

We recommend the Mango Wood Detail Bag (S$59.90) with drawstring fastening, a style you can rock in college, office or at the beach. 

2. Box bag 
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An unlikely competition to the bucket bag this year was the box bag. Slightly more roomy than the bucket bag, it takes the cake for the most comfortable unconventional bag. 

The structure of box bags can turn any outfit around and thankfully, it comes in various shapes, sizes and textures. Including, wait for it, the snakeskin (a trend that's so hot right, you need to own it).

We recommend that pocket-friendly Mango Coffer Bag (S$59.91). 

3. Furry Bag 
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If you're an animal lover and are totally against fur (like us), but still want to be in on a trend that has taken over the runways and subsequently high-street, then these faux fur mini bags are for you.

No animal was hurt in making these boujee bags that look so cozy, we just want to snuggle them all day long. Again, they are as room as your bucket bag (because most of them come in small sizes). So your wallet, cards, cell phone and lipstick is all set.

We recommend the Zara Fauz Fur Mini Bucket Bag (S$69.90) in sea green and gold hardware. 

4. Top handle bag
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So we can credit Danse Lante for bringing us this unusual shape. But after the aforementioned bags, if there is one that has got a tremendous amount of love from celebrities, then it is hands down the top handle bag. 

Now you might say, all bags are top handle. Well, yes that is true. But there is a slight difference in this one. The top handle on this mini bag is quite chunky, which makes it look more like a piece of art than a bag.

If you don't want the luxury version, we recommend going for the Mango Round Small Bag (S$59.90). The high-street company also has Lante-esque bags, if you're in the market for something similar. 

5. Oversized bag 
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Yes, the fashion industry has finally heard the pleas of so many of us working girls who love our oversized bags. Luxury brands this year opted for this much-needed practical bag and that has trickled down to high-streets (yay! for us).  

Roomy, easy-to-carry and comfortable, the oversized bag is the perfect accessory for a busy girl on the go. You can literally have your entire universe stuffed in it and there will still be some more space (don't tell anybody!). From straw bags to fabric bags to faux leather bags, there are a lot of options.

We recommend the Zara Tote Bag with vinyl detail (S$55.90) that looks great and is also super spacious.

6. Drawstring bag
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Your mum's closet is finally coming to good use. A style of the 60s and 70s, the drawstring bag is back in action. It is a bit compact and not really meant for office use, but it is cute and perfect for night outs.  

You can even make these yourself, if you're a DIY kind of person. Plus, they come in various textures and sizes and are stylish (a bit practical) and let your outfit do all the talking. We recommend the Mango Satin Fringed bag (S$35.90), which is drawstring but looks a lot refined and is quite spacious too. 

7. Fanny pack 
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Yes, we haven't forgotten the omnipresent (at the moment, at least) fanny pack. From luxury brand like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga to high-street brands like Zara, Mango and H&M, everybody is designing the fanny pack. 

It's not practical, its not roomy and its not your ride-or-die. But fashion is not always about practicality. Sometimes its also just about style. And fanny pack is one of those hit and miss accessories. It looks great with almost any outfit and also works to cinch your waist giving you an hourglass figure. So win-win!

We recommend the Mango Quilted Belt Bag (S$45.90) in black if you want to try this look. 

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