Forget Barbie Feet, The Baby Giraffe Pose Has Now Taken Over The Gram!

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The baby giraffe pose is subtle and doesn't necessarily make it look like you are trying too hard to pose, which is kind of the whole point anyway 

Every now and then comes a fashionable trend that quickly turns into a social media craze. Last month it was 'barbie feet,' and now the 'baby giraffe pose' has taken over Instagram. 

Yes, you read that right!

The model-like stance started trending after Instagram's director of fashion partnerships, Eva Chen named it "baby giraffe pose." She posted a picture of herself on Instagram whilst demonstrating it.

Baby Giraffe Pose Has Taken Over The Gram!

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In the post she wrote, "Baby giraffe pose, explained: one foot forward, back foot slightly on tippy toes (like you’re coming off a step! This is how I discovered it, thanks to the steps in front of the #igselfiemirror)."

"Hold the phone at a straight on angle. Ignore wonky hair from being slept on. Done! #babygiraffepose," she added. 

Unlike the barbie pose, where the trick to make one's legs look leaner and longer were to hyperextend, a baby giraffe pose, is way simpler. You simply need to stick your bum out and place one leg in front of the other.  

It is more subtle and doesn't necessarily make it look like you are trying too hard to pose, which is kind of the whole point anyway. 

Soon after Chen posted a series of selfies with the pose and even explained it to fashion designer Prabal Gurung, the hashtag #babygiraffepose began trending.

Not surprisingly, models and fashion influencers were in on the trend and making the most of it. 

Fashion Influencers Are Already Obsessed With The Baby Giraffe Pose 

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Incidentally, Instagrammers are already in on it and have been obsessed with this newly-named pose. From style blogger Wendy Nguyen to Love Bonito's co-founder Rachel Lim, everybody has been putting this pose on display. 

In fact, even fashion influencer Aimee Song and models including Bella HadidIskra LawrenceImaan HammamElsa Hosk, and Ashley Graham— have been nailing it on the gram. 

But eventually the real winners were social media users who actually took inspiration from Chen and posted some fun pictures of them in the baby giraffe pose. The real women proved that you don't have to be a model to nail their poses!  

Not Models, But Real Women Show How To Work The Baby Giraffe Pose!

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The baby giraffe pose that is now trending everywhere on the gram has become a huge sensation just like the skinny arm (where you place your hand on your waist), the plandid (a planned candid) and the migraine pose (with one or both your hands pulling your face up by your temples).  

But while the Instagram pose is done in good fun, it's worth noting that what you see on the gram is potentially not the reality. So embrace your yams and stretch marks and cellulite and hopefully enjoy the present! 

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Deepshikha Punj