Top 10 Autumn Winter Fashion Trends For The Woke Power Woman In You

Top 10 Autumn Winter Fashion Trends For The Woke Power Woman In You

Let's take a peek into the top 10 autumn winter fashion trends that will soon trickle down into the mainstream market because of their wearability factor.

The year 2018 will likely go down in history as the year women fought back. From equal pay to freedom from sexual harassment, powerful and self-contained woman came together to raise their voices. And runways were no different. Designers showcasing the autumn winter fashion trends chose their platforms to show what such women look like in this age of revolution.

They reflected the popular sentiment with their cuts, seams, sleeves and hemlines. Thus, making autumn winter fashion trends all about the woke power women. And after all that is the purpose of a fashion show, isn't it?  

Numerous designers borrowed the idea of 'protection' with a collection of power suits. Some chose to interpret it through layers, some through animal prints. While some others chose to cast models of maturity to depict more diversity. 

Autumn Winter Fashion Trends For The Power Woman In You

So let's take a sneaky peek into the top 10 autumn winter fashion trends for the woke power woman in you.  

1. Animal prints 

The runway took animal prints to a whole new level with collections after collections showcasing one stripe and spot after another. 


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From leopard to ocelot, tiger to zebra designers worked to exude power and independence. Luckily, this is one print we have all worn once and can perhaps bring back. 

2. The leather dresses 

The designers meant business when they ditched the most-worn fabrics for leather. With power suits and dresses, all in leather the message was clear- female dominance. 


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And if you did like this trend, you don't have to go all the way with a dress. Incorporating leather (we advise faux) in any way, whether through a jacket, skirt or pants can add a hot trend to your wardrobe. 

3. Cape crusaders

With the theme of #MeToo and woman equality running through most collections, a cape or coat was bound to appear somewhere, and why not. 


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A cape or a jacket adds power and structure to an otherwise simple look and elevates it to the next level. If you are a fan, just as we are, we suggest you become the caped crusader once in a while. 

4. Silver sparkles 

You may have already spotted the trickle down effect of the silver sparkles in many high-street fashion houses. But where did it all begin? On the runways, of course. 


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Fashion houses such as Paco Rabanne, Balmain, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Christopher Kane and Off-white showcased a selection of the sparkliest silver dresses. A must-have for party animals! 

5. Tweed masters 

Can you ever go wrong with tweeds? At least not anymore. Designers including Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Altuzarra and Calvin Klein among others put on display the heritage tweed. 


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It's no longer a pattern of the 30s, but very much one of a strong and empowered woman. And the best thing is that you can wear it with practically everything. And if you are game, there are many high-street fashion houses like Zara and H&M that are now selling tweed pattern clothes. 

6. Cinched at the waist 

It's also time for those with curves to embrace and flaunt them. Designers such as Chole and Louis Vuitton have made the waist your new accessory. 


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So the next time you wear a dress or a skirt, make sure to throw in a belt to take the look up a level and show-off your gorgeous curves.  

7. Pleats please 

This trend is here to stay and we are happy about it. From pleated pants to skirts, the pattern has assumed centre-stage and shows of an uncompromised attitude. 


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If you are a bit of a feminine, pair your pleated skirts or pants with bulbous blouse. And if you love to add a bit of edge to your outfits, how about adding that jumper over them?  

8. Silk parade 

This much-loved fabric of South East Asia, is on mainstream runways and how! From Valentino to Balenciaga, designers interpreted this fabric differently and incorporated it as pants and even scarves. 


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As a South East Asian, we are sure you may have a few pieces of silk already in your closet. It's time to take them out and strut your stuff. And if you have't got something of your own, how about raiding your mum's wardrobe!

9. Bold logos 

Logos were everywhere this year, making a bold statement. From Fendi to Dior, from Off-white to Versace, brands paraded their blaring logos on the runway and you can do it too. 


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You don't have to buy a Fendi for the logo, but can get creative with your own DIYs at home. Carve a logo on your white tee that shows off your personality and make a statement yourself. 

10. Layers on layers 

Finally, the autumn winter fashion trends couldn't have wrapped up without wrapping the models in layers of clothes. Literally! Designers such Balenciaga went a step ahead and added the Joey Tribianni layers (the one where he wears all Chandler's clothes at once---who remembers?). 


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If you liked this trend, go ahead and make a statement. Just remember to add a layer to make your look more put together and structured. How you layer it is up to you! 

If you do try any of these looks let us know how it turned out in the Comments section below.  

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Deepshikha Punj