10 Fool-Proof Tips And Tricks To Get Fans And Likes On Tik Tok

10 Fool-Proof Tips And Tricks To Get Fans And Likes On Tik Tok10 Fool-Proof Tips And Tricks To Get Fans And Likes On Tik Tok

Follow these tips to shoot to Tik Tok stardom.

So you wanna get popular on Tik Tok. As it's the most downloaded app in the world, we can't blame you for getting desperate enough to look for ways to get auto followers Tik Tok, but you can get all those coveted likes and shares by yourself.

Get auto followers Tik Tok by following the tips below:

1. Don't be afraid to look silly

Tik Tok is all about self-deprecating humour. This isn't the place to get all self-conscious and worry about what you look like — go all in, or don't even bother!

2. Use props

Most Tik Tok users create their videos with very minimal effort, so making the effort to get the perfect props to go with your chosen sound can go a long way.

3. Play with transitions

One way to make your Tik Tok videos look extra cool is by using transitions that play with camera angles, lighting, camera speeds, or even just filters.

4. Take it out of the bedroom

We're so used to seeing videos shot indoors that when someone goes the extra mile (sometimes literally) and goes outdoors, people notice. The more unusual the place, the better.

5. Make sure your makeup's on fleek

It's no accident that many of the most popular Tik Tok creators are drop-dead gorgeous, always in perfect hair and makeup. People enjoy looking at beautiful people, and when you show that you have a sense of humour to boot, you've basically got it made. So make an effort to look presentable before you start shooting.

6. Invest in a tripod

If you've got some moves that you wanna show off, or even if you just wanna use both hands when you're making your videos, having a tripod is a must (unless you've got a willing friend to act as your cameraman at the drop of a hat).

7. Use over-the-top facial expressions

The vast majority of Tik Tok videos are just people lip-syncing — keep things interesting with exaggerated and varied facial expressions that'll have people cackling.

8. Show off dem skillz

If you've got a special skill, show it off and wow the world!

9. Have a "thing"

As with all things on social media, branding is key. Some people are known for posting just dog videos. Some people are known for camera tricks and slow-mo videos. Others are known for their funny faces. Find what you enjoy making (and what people like watching), and see the hearts come pouring in.

10. Take note of what's trending

Out of ideas? Just get on a viral trend! To make yourself stand out, put your own unique spin on it.

Getting auto followers Tik Tok is all about having a distinctive identity, entertaining people, and most of all, having fun.

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