What’s Your Astrology and MBTI Profile Connection?

What’s Your Astrology and MBTI Profile Connection?What’s Your Astrology and MBTI Profile Connection?

Sometimes, astrology and psychology just make sense together.

Both the science and the woowoo world have devised many ways to figure out people’s personalities. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator categorizes one’s psychological preferences. An MBTI questionnaire is an introspective exercise that allows people to dig deep into their psyches. There are 16 MBTI personality type, each MBTI profile holding strong resemblances with the different zodiac signs. On the other hand, astrology divides personalities according to their birth dates and the positions of the stars and planets. These 12 zodiac signs encompass a wealth of traits and characteristics that paint a picture of distinct individuals.

Does your zodiac sign match your MBTI profile?

Find your birthday and see if your zodiac sign resonates with its MBTI personality.



The signature quality of a true blue Aries is their pioneering spirit. They don’t need to rush to lead the pack—it just comes naturally to them. Similarly, ESTJ and ENTJ types are known for their leadership qualities. ESTJ is known as “The Supervisor”—a great talker who can run a tight ship without exerting too much effort. On the other hand, ENTJ is “The Commander”—someone with a strong and forceful will.



Taurus is an architect, someone who knows how to patiently build from the foundation up. Similarly, both ISFJ and ISTP have the perseverance to carry out long-winded projects. Besides that, they're also precise with their calculations. ISFJ is “The Protector,” who is dedicated to every task at hand. Likewise, ISTP is “The Craftsman”—someone whose analytical skills makes their experiments worthwhile and ultimately valuable.


MBTI Profile: ESFP

Geminis are intellectuals who have sharp minds and witty tongues. More importantly, they are messengers with a knack for communication. Because they have so much to say at times, their messages sometimes have a tendency to get tangled up in knots. Gemini's equivalent is ESFP or “The Performer.” Because of their spontaneous and fun-loving personality, they’re the centre of attention of every conversation they initiate.


MBTI Profile: INFJ

Cancer acts as the guardian of the zodiac. Almost always, they protect everyone with their comforting, empathic, sensitive nature. Because this archetype is highly intuitive, they have a good sense of people. INFJ is known as “The Counselor.” An idealist at heart, INFJ wants the best for everyone. As a result, this quiet individual is everyone’s go-to therapist, shoulder to cry on, and ever willing ear to listen. 


MBTI Profile: ENFJ

Leo is the heart of the zodiac. Because everything they do is out of love, they project a gregarious and engaging personality. Similarly, they are unafraid to bare and express themselves. Like Leo, ENFJ is bold. Every decision they make is rooted in love. Because of this, charisma pours out from every pore of their body. ENFJ is called “The Teacher."



Every Virgo has a perfectionist streak in them. It can show up as an incessant need to organize the home, put everything in spreadsheets, or get the work done without any missteps. Similarly, both INTJ and ISTP are personalities that are logical and practical. INTJ is “The Mastermind”—someone who is strategic and imaginative. ISTP, on the other hand, is “The Craftsman,” who is experimental and analytical too.



Libra is the harbinger of balance in the zodiac. They have a penchant for mixing their need for quiet and their talent for socializing and being around people. Both ESFJ and ESTP types are charming and diplomatic—both traits of Libra. ESFJ is “The Provider,” always caring and helpful—they think of others first. ESTP is “The Dynamo,” someone who experiences the present like no one else.


MBTI Profile: ENFP

Scorpio’s signature trait is their power. When they have an opinion, it resonates louder than anyone else’s. When they transform their lives, it affects everybody in a very visceral way. ENFP carries the same passion and fervor that Scorpio has. Known as “The Champion,” these sociable creatures always have causes they stand up for. Fighters for the underdog, they have a desire to change the world.


MBTI Profile: ENTP

Nobody sparks inspiration like a Sagittarius can. Eternally optimistic and enthusiastic, they live life at a fast pace. More importantly, they are always looking up and moving forward. Therefore, they are hardly ever let down by disappointment or rejection. ENTP or “The Visionary” is, just like Sagittarius, a sociable creature. They have clear perspective, which informs their seemingly spontaneous decisions. These thinkers are always gathering insight about the world.



Capricorn is the master of the zodiac for good reason. Ambitious and goal-oriented, they're serious about whatever they’re committed to. Most importantly, they don’t do anything half-hearted. ISTJ and INTP are both as disciplined and serious as this sign. ISTJ or “The Inspector” likes sticks to the facts and is pragmatic. INTP is “The Architect,” who is curious about the world and aims to investigate it.


MBTI Profile: INFP

With a reputation as the activist of the zodiac, Aquarius is a known humanitarian. Consequently, many of their pursuits are for the greater good. Therefore, they are never content living selfishly and just for themselves. Like Aquarius, INFP personalities are smart. They want to use their know-how for the greater good. Known as “The Designer,” altruism is their signature trait.

Whats Your Astrology and MBTI Profile Connection?

MBTI Profile: ISFP

Pisces has a deep, soul-level perspective about people and the world we live in. Because of this, they rise above the physical world. Their vision moves past what everyone else perceives. Similarly, ISFP is highly intuitive. Known as “The Composer,” these folks have a sixth sense about the world, which allows them to come off as charming to everyone they come across.

Is your zodiac sign in line with your MBTI profile?

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