11 Asian Women To Watch In Style

This month we are celebrating modern Asian women, who are the ultimate #StyleGirlBosses and inspire and push us to be our best

Powerful, talented, strong and beautiful. 

All these descriptors perfectly sum up some of the modern Asian women who have become influential style icons in their own right. 

They are aware that as the world of fashion and beauty continues to evolve, it wouldn’t be where it is today without their resilient leadership. But they're careful not to take that fact for granted. Instead, they are focussing all their energies to help the industry achieve its ultimate glo up making it more inclusive, equitable and gender-neutral. 

From working with local craftsmen, to breaking the gender barrier in the field of modelling. From creating cosmetic lines that are skin-friendly, to bringing quality skincare to the contemporary Asian woman.

From shaking up the fashion industry with anti-it bags, to adding a stylish spin to modest dressing with luxury hijabs. And, from making halal makeup accessible to grooming women so they can look their best. These iconic women have been instrumental in transforming the world of fashion and beauty.

They are also champions of body positivity and inclusivity, and are firm believers of the fact that every woman has the right to define her own choices. It makes sense, then, that these influential women have created brands that promote diverse, edgy, gender-neutral and above all, an authentic vision. 

Sure, they may be taking on many conventional roles, as CEOs, as co-founders, as models, as stylists and as social media influencers. But there is nothing traditional about their approach to the process. These visionary women are tackling issues of gender bias, masstige production, and lack of diversity with their work and innovative products. 

Despite their diversity, they all agree on the one same thing: the freedom to express oneself through fashion and beauty cannot be taken for granted. 

This month we celebrate 11 Asian women, who are the ultimate #StyleGirlBosses. Each of these women inspire and push us to be our best — helping us achieve our ultimate glo up.

Most importantly, they continue to prove that when women work together, anything is possible.  

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Written by

Deepshikha Punj