LMFAO! 7 Asian Stand-Up Comedians On Netflix Who Are Totally Killing It

LMFAO! 7 Asian Stand-Up Comedians On Netflix Who Are Totally Killing It

These Asian stand-up comedians on Netflix are changing the way we consume comic content, thanks to their refreshing one-liners and relatable stories

Making somebody laugh is no mean feat. It requires wit, intelligence and honestly, a whole lot of courage. And it seems these Asian stand-up comedians on Netflix are bringing it all right into our living rooms. 

They are changing the way the world looks at stand-up comedy and killing us softly with their relatable humour.

From talking about growing up in an Asian household to career woes, to immigration racial discrimination, to gender inequalities, pregnancies, and menstruation — these comedians don't shy away from any topic.

1. Ali Wong

Ali Wong debuted through a Netflix comedy special Baby Cobra in 2016. She joked about sex, feminism, mansplaining as well as pregnancy, even though she was seven months pregnant at the time. In fact, her personal anecdotes played a huge role in her first special and made her an instant star. 

However, in her second special, Hard Knock Wife, she spoke about the reality and hardships of motherhood. It was another strike one out of the park for Wong, who enthralled the audience with her comedy. 

She is currently busy being a regular on American Housewives and writing for the show Fresh Off the Boat.

2. Hasan Minhaj

Living as an Indian immigrant in America, Hasan, 32, brings a personal touch to his comedy. You will often notice him joking about issues on immigration and racism, especially in his special Homecoming King.

He starts off with a story of his married life and how his parents arrived in America. And then he goes on to share how his immigrant father brought him up.

Hasan is currently a senior correspondent at The Daily Show, an American late-night television programme.

3. Margaret Cho

Another gem in the world of Netflix comedy is US-based Margaret Cho, 49. The entertaining comic who isn't afraid to push the envelope usually picks up a sensitive subject and this time she talks about racism in her latest Netflix comedy special titled PsyCHO. In it, she opens up about her past, including the part where she was sexually molested.

She describes her comedy brand as both high and low brow. “It's high-minded activism and social justice and looking to change things for the better. It’s also low brow, very dirty, blue comedy,” she said in an interview

Her comedy’s usual theme is race because she thinks that it sets her apart from everyone else.

4. Harith Iskander

Harith Iskander is probably one of the most famous Asian stand-up comedians on Netflix. He is considered the pioneer of the Malaysian comedy scene with almost three decades of jokes, which he is showcasing in his Netflix comedy special I Told You So.

In it, he talks about how people in the States are ignorant about the geographical location of Malaysia. He then moves on to talk about how he won the “Funniest Person in the World” in 2016 after he bested 86 comedians from 55 other countries.

But there is a lot more fun stuff in his special and is certainly a must watch if you've been his OG follower. 

5. Aditi Mittal

Indian comic Aditi Mittal takes the world on a trip to India through her Netflix special Things They Wouldn’t let Me Say. In it, she shares a lot about Indian culture--the good, the bag and the ugly--from a woman's perspective. 

Her comedy is refreshing and she isn't afraid to say the things women often think about but never actually say. From bra shopping, to annoying neighbours to designer sanitary napkins, she jokes about everything that is usually a taboo She even talks about her life as a singleton and Bollywood films. 

If you haven't watched her yet, we highly recommend giving her special a go. It won't tell you everything about India, but will give you glimpses of how funny it can get living in the country. 

6. Fakkah Fuzz

If you've ever seen Muhammad Fadzri Abd Rashid aka Fakkah Fuzz live on stage, you know why he has been chosen by Netflix for a special. Originally from Malaysia, Fuzz--as he is known in the stand-up circles--grew up in Singapore. 

His jokes often revolve around ethnicity and his observation of those around him. His comedy is relatable and a great binge on nights you want to "Netflix and Chill."

You can catch his special Almost Banned where he jokes about his experiences as a Malay man living in Singapore. Warning: International viewers might not get his jokes but it’s still worth a watch.

7. Kavin Jay

Last but certainly not the least is comic Kavin Jay. Kavin Jayaram (his real name) is a pretty well-known name in Asian comic circles and is often seen using self-deprecating humour to get some laughs. Which, might we add, always works in his favour.

Naturally then he was a great choice for a Netflix special called Everybody Calm Down. In it, he is again seen cracking jokes about his weight and his experiences abroad. 

He honed his gift of the gap while co-hosting The REDjam on Red FM radio station. But his true talent is on-stage, cracking people up.

In their own unique way, all of these comedians are changing the way millennials consume content. Laughter is just a click away and if you really enjoy some real-world problem jokes, we highly recommend following these ladies and gents! 

(Feature & lead images courtesy: YouTube)