Pursuit Of The Asian Girl Power: A Year In Fashion

Pursuit Of The Asian Girl Power: A Year In FashionPursuit Of The Asian Girl Power: A Year In Fashion

Join us as we celebrate the pursuit of Asian girl power all this month

With just a few days left for the new year, its time to look back and reflect at everything we've achieved. And what better way to do it than by celebrating the pursuit of Asian girl power.

Asian women who have for centuries been typecast as weak and submissive, finally rose up against systematic cultural oppression and represented their continent and countries, this year.

The fashion and beauty industry was a prime example of this change. There were many new Asian faces that made a mark for themselves on the global platform.

On one hand, Crazy Rich Asians brought together an entourage of Asian faces including Gemma Chan and Constance Wu. These ladies not only made a mark in Hollywood, but also in the fashion industry with brands vying for their endorsement. In fact, many female Asian designers and jewellery makers also came together to make this magnum opus; making for a grand shift in the way the world views Asian women and fashion.  

On the other hand, Asian model and Filipino beauty Kelsey Merritt made headlines and history.

The 22-year-old, AB Communications graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, became the first Filipino to be cast in the iconic Victoria's Secret show. The show has for years been under fire for being 'too white.' But with Merritt paving the way for Asians to join this international platform, young girls now have a relatable role model. 

The skincare industry and markets continued to be dominated by Korean brands that work on the principles of innovation and creativity. In fact, this year J-beauty also joined the ranks of the 'skincare that works.' Brands like SKII, Shiseido, RMK, and Shu Uemura made their mark in international markets and have held their own. 

At most fashion weeks we saw Asian designers making their mark and presence felt. Even the eagle-eyed industry critics couldn't take their eyes off Asian brands. For instance, almost every fashion blogger and model sported the anti-it bag by the Bangkok-based designer couple Wannasiri Kongman and Jesse Dorsey.

As we reported earlier, the bags were also part of many street style shoots at the New York and London fashion weeks and is most likely to stay in trend the next year as well. But these are just a few examples. 

It's undeniable the fashion and beauty industry is sitting up and taking notice of the Asian girl power. They are becoming more conscious and aware of how every contributor to the industry no matter their colour, race or sex, is a part of the larger conversation of inclusivity.

With Asian women bringing their sensibilities and values to the table, it is only a matter of time that the fashion and beauty industry would lend them the respect and recognition their truly deserve. 

We hope that this becomes 2019's biggest resolution. That more women continue to leave their mark in these industries and Asian girl power exudes its prominence and influence. 

As for the next year, we hope to help you make some fashion and beauty resolutions of your own.

To round up the year, we have special holiday features to help you nail the perfect your Christmas and New Year look. As well as, ideas for quirky holiday gifts. We'll also be sharing the best shopping deals with you, and bringing you up close and personal with Asian girl power aka celebrities. Know how they look ever-so-stylish and find out everything about their favourite holiday beauty routine.

So cheers to Asian girl power and to a more fulfilling 2019!

We wish all our readers a very Happy New Year!

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Written by

Deepshikha Punj