These Asian Female Tattoo Artists Will Make You Want To Get Inked

These Asian Female Tattoo Artists Will Make You Want To Get Inked

If you're considering getting inked, we recommend these Asian female tattoo artists. They are breaking the glass ceiling and carving a niche for themselves!

The tattoo industry has come a long way. There was a time when tattoo artists were looked down upon and labelled as rebels or outcasts. Theirs wasn't considered a 'conventional' career. But over the years this mindset seems to have changed. And leading the baton for change are Asian female tattoo artists.

With their incredibly creative work, they are making this profession 'cool' and showing Millennials why this is another lucrative career option. Unfortunately, this change hasn't been sudden or easy.

The influence of Asian female tattoo artists in the region is slow but growing. However, there are still places where tattoo artists and those who get inked are ostracised.  

Asian female tattoo artists are slowly changing the mindset! 

In Korea, for instance, it's reportedly illegal to be a tattoo artist. You can get tattoos, yes, but you have to go to another country to get it because all tattoo parlours are illegal in Korea.

You can get arrested for running a tattoo shop. It's even worse for women with tattoos and Asian female tattoo artists. It's highly frowned upon, so much so that you have to hide it from your own parents. You see, Korean tradition sees the body as the physical and symbolical representation of purity, getting a tattoo can reportedly destroy it.

In Japan, a person with tattoos can reportedly be identified as a person who commits crimes. As by history and tradition, the Yakuza (criminal syndicate) pledge their allegiance to getting fully inked. Also, if you're someone who wants to experience public swimming pools, hot springs, beaches, and even a few gyms in Japan, you better be ready to bid those dreams goodbye. Anyone with tattoos cannot enter those areas. Sadly, it has come to a point that to be a tattoo artist, you neepand to have a medical certificate, which is bollocks if you ask us.

China has the same outlook too because they reportedly deem tattoos as a mark of criminals and sex workers. For the Philippines' religious followers, tattoos are frowned upon, especially tattoos on women. In Vietnam, it's also illegal to run a tattoo parlour. 

But even with so many restrictions in major Asian countries, many Asian female tattoo artists are going against the norm. They deem it a form of expression, art on their body, and a reminder of a special event in their lives. This is good news--because now we know the youth isn't afraid to go against the grain.

Best Asian female tattoo artists!

If you're one of those people and you're considering getting a tattoo, we recommend one from one of these Asian female tattoo artists. They're the best in the business!

1. Whang-Od Oggay, Philippines


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Whang-Od is more than an Asian female tattoo artist, she's a living legend.  She's 100+ years, a village leader, and the last 'mambabatok' (Kalinga traditional tattoo artist) in the Philippines. You can find her in Baguio amongst the Buscalan village.

Her tattoo studio is her home and you'll have to line-up for hours alongside tourists to get inked. One thing to note is that you have to respect her, be quiet, do not litter, and stay in the village for three to four nights or don't go at all!

Also, we suggest you let Whang Od select the design and placement of the tattoo because that's how it's done in Kalinga culture.

2. Lennie Pangilinan, Philippines

Pangilinan’s Black Cartel Studio has a huge roster of clients and a lifetime's worth of designs. She's the person to go to if you want a work of art done on your skin, whether it's a tiny minimalist design or an elaborate sleeve.

3. Katz Lorenzana, Philippines

Lorenzana is one of best female tattoo artists in the Philippines and we particularly stalked her Instagram account to watch her tattoo reveal videos. Her designs are simple, sometimes whimsical, and sometimes watercolour-ish. It's perfect for the women who are both dainty and badass in their own right. 

4. Lyuhwa, South Korea 

Lyuhwa started tattooing because she was bullied by a girl with tattoos. The fascination was there, and even if the Korean community thinks otherwise, she still pursues creating tattoos that are as compelling as her story and her cause to pursue being a female tattooist in Asia. 

5. Zhuo Dan Ting, China

If you're from China and you want to get a tattoo you won't regret (and probably parade around without shame) Zhuo Dan Ting is your tattoo person.

She can do both traditional and modern tattoos for you, and we're mostly fascinated by her realist designs and sleeve tattoos. 

6. Lyda Chean, Malaysia


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Chean is one of the many female tattoo artists in Kuala Lumpur you need to know about. Her aesthetic is clean, precise but isn't shy to add details. You'll be impressed by how big and detailed her designs get. A must try, we think. 

7. Caecilia Chrysantia, Indonesia


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Indonesia is reportedly a breeding ground for Asian female tattoo artists like Caecillia. Her best work comprises of patterns, geometric designs, shadings, whimsical, and realistic designs. Actually, she can do any design, she's that good.

Note: She also designs flash tattoos if you're scared to commit to a tattoo, they're as stunning as the real ones!

8. Archana Bhanushali, India

India is one of the countries with a long-term relationship with tattoos. In fact, in ancient India people reportedly used tattoos as status symbols and even as jewellery-like markings. 

However, you won't see Bhanushali creating tattoos that are 'girly.' Well, she can, but usually prefers doing badass designs that tell a story. 

9. Lee Wai Leng, Singapore

Leng's designs are delicate and whimsical, aka something that you might've seen in Alice and Wonderland movies. She also has talent in letting the simplicity of her designs shine. If you want clean, no-BS, but impactful designs, she's the person to go to. 

10. Jenn Tan, Singapore

Tan's an Asian female tattoo artist in Singapore with serious talent in lines, handwritten script, dots, geometry, and watercolour. 

Her spunk shows a lot in her work, which is always beyond the ordinary. 

11. Ho Wei Han, Taiwan


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Han's work is so good you can probably take a photo of it, frame it, and call it art. She's one of the coolest tattoo artists around.

Her best work revolves around whimsical themes, botanical designs, animal designs (yes, including dogs) and sometimes a mixture of all three. We can't wait to see more of her designs in the future!

12. Oil Girl Tattoo, Thailand

Oil Girl Tattoo is so in demand people wait up to four months to get their tattoos done by her. Her work is usually big, as in one whole sleeve or a full back tattoo. Her style is pretty traditional, usually all black, but she's not afraid to add colour too! 

Clearly, these Asian female tattoo artists are here to stay. They're not just pioneers but also masters of the craft in their countries. And they are breaking the glass ceiling and changing mindsets inking one arm at a time!

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