Yaaaasss! THIS Is How You Set The Street Style On Fire

Yaaaasss! THIS Is How You Set The Street Style On Fire

The Asian fashion bloggers you may not be following yet, but definitely need to add to your radar.

In less than a decade, Asian fashion bloggers have changed the landscape of the fashion industry. They form an army of influencers—some small, some growing—who without any formal training have managed to make a lucrative career out of social media.

Thanks to their individualistic style of presentation, sleek flatlays and chic #OOTDs, many have amassed a huge social media following and quickly risen to become fashion icons in their own right. So much so that they are now fully-functioning businesswomen inspiring other girls to pursue their own fashionable dreams.  

So whether you are a fashion blogger or starting out as one, we are sure you can also do with a bit if inspiration yourself. Here's a look at 13 most influential Asian fashion bloggers who are setting street style on fire and you should be following. 

1. Aimee Song 

The Song of Style aka Aimee Song is perhaps one of the most popular Asian fashion bloggers. With a following of 4.8 million and growing, Song is scaling new heights in terms of social media following.

All thanks to her creative outfit styling and scenic backgrounds.  


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She is also a New York Times bestselling author of Capture your Style and has been listed as an influencer in Forbes 30 Under 30.

Followers: 4.8 million

2. Nicole Warne

Nicole Warne is a digital influencer and a consultant for several fashion and beauty brands. You will find a lot of fashion week inspiration, behind-the-scenes and travel snaps.  


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She was also recently in the news for her destination wedding, which was covered by, wait for it- Vogue!

Followers: 1.7mil

3. Wendy Nguyen 

A fashion blogger, YouTube creator and a Juvenile Justice Advocate, Nguyen wears many hats at once. With her blog Wendy's Look Book, Nguyen has amassed a huge social media following.  


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Her style is bold, edgy, feminine and colourful and you can take high-street as well as luxury fashion inspiration from this diva. 

Followers: 1.1mil

4. Chriselle Lim 

With over a million followers, this mum-of-one (Yes!) has been making all the right noises in the fashion industry. 


Morning Blues

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She is also the founder of Cinc Studios, a company that manages visual, social and digital communication of fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. 

Followers: 1 million 

5. Jeanne Grey

A New-York based digital and media creative consultant, Jeanne Grey aka The Grey Layers has over 4 lakh followers, thanks to her edgy and affordable style. 


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Grey is well-travelled and her Instagram page can give you serious vacay inspo as well.  

Followers: 404k

6. Pau Dictado

This stylish Filipino has made the social media her own runway and rightfully so. Her styling is fresh and her thematic Instagram page is lit. 


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We personally love her boho-chic meets grunge babe style and certainly think you should follow this upcoming fashionista. 

Followers: 164k

7. Margaret Zhang 

Zhang's Instagram page isn't filled with those typical #OOTDs or selfies that you might find on another Instagrammer's feed. In fact, you might think it is a social media page of a fashion glossy, thanks to her curated editorial shots. 

Scroll through her feed and you can get major fashion and travel inspo. 

Followers: 933k

8. Stephanie Liu

This up-and-coming Asian fashion blogger is making waves in the fashion industry thanks to her blog Honey and Silk. This LA-based blogger describes herself as a "A Modern Romantic with Effortless Elegance," and her Instagram is filled with pictures of just that. 

Credit her photography skills if you will, but Liu's pictures are aesthetically pleasing and calming to look at.  

Followers: 98.7k

9. Sophia Chang 

Her flawless selfies flaunting her amazing makeup skills and pictures with plenty of athleisure inspo, make Sophia Chang another one of the many Asian fashion bloggers to follow.   


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Her moodboard-esque Instagram page can certainly give you a lot of ideas if you are starting off as a fashion blogger yourself. 

Followers: 514k

10. Vanessa Hong

Hong is the creative director of THPSHOP and founder of thehautepursuit.com, the blog. Her Instagram feed is clean, sleek and modern and a must-follow if contemporary fashion is your go-to. 


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Hong clearly has a great sense of style and photography and she frequently features close-ups of her accessories as well. 

Followers: 607k

11. Jean Wang

Feminine, fresh, floral and all things sweet and nice can best describe Jean Wang's Instagram gram. A mum-to-be, she is a petite fashion blogger and can help you make great fashion choices if your frame is similar to hers. 

At just under feet feet, this Boston-based blogger is a true petite fashionista and one that you must follow. 

Followers: 488k

12. Aimee Santos

A master of West-coast style Santos' feed is young and fresh and well-curated with close-up shots of her outfits and accessories. Both of which are the true heroes of her feed. 


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If you are looking for inspiration for college or for a fashion blog of your own, Santos' page is the perfect addition to the list of Asian fashion bloggers you must follow.  

Followers: 75.1k

13. Kat Tanita  

This gorgeous lass started her career in the fashion industry and quickly rose to become one of the most sought after Asian fashion bloggers. Through her blog With Love From Kat, Tanita shares her style, travels as well as decor and wellness ideas with her followers. 


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Her fresh feminine style and use of bright colours, makes her feed worth the follow. Have a go!

Followers: 380k

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Deepshikha Punj