These Asian Cover Singers Are Proof That YouTube Can Make Your Career

These Asian Cover Singers Are Proof That YouTube Can Make Your Career

Asian cover singers are having a moment right now, all thanks to YouTube.

YouTube has been instrumental in giving amateur singers a platform to showcase their talent. Who can forget Justin Bieber! The famous Canadian singer got his big break after being discovered on the tube. But there were others as well. Tori Kelly, Troye Sivan, Greyson Chance, the list goes on. 

Back home, Asian cover singers also used this accessible and free platform to put their talent on display. Some crooned over covers of famous has-beens, while others jammed to their own tunes.

Either way, YouTube got them the ‘viral’ careers they wanted. 

Asian cover singers who are crooning away to glory on the Internet

In case you’re wondering about these Asian cover singers are, here they are. We bet you’ve danced to their songs once or twice yourself and if haven’t yet, perhaps its time to follow these talents. 

1. J.Fla

With almost 8.2 million J.Fla is certainly worth a listen.  Her sweet voice captivates her listeners as she croons the covers of artists like Camila Cabello, The Chainsmokers, and Charlie Puth.

Her most popular cover was Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” that garnered more than 167 million views. Wow!

2. Vidya Vox

Indian-born US-based singer Vidya Iyer is famous for her mash-up songs accompanied by well-produced music videos. Her channel, which was only launched in 2015, already has 4.6 million subscribers!

Watch her cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” mashed up with a Tamil song called Hosanna (above) to know why she’s so damn famous.

3. Jayesslee

Janice and Sonia are Korean-born YouTube superstars with over 2.1 million subscribers! They cover artists like Maroon 5 (their Payphone cover has 57 million views, by the way), Jessie J, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift.

The Lee sisters have already been on several tours in Asia and Australia. However, when asked if they will sign with a record label, the twins reportedly said no.

“The major labels have to understand YouTubers are quite happy doing what they are doing and they need to accommodate that,” said Sonia.

Janice, on the other hand, believes that there is so much freedom on the tube that it’s almost like a new record label!

4. Ysabelle Cuevas

This California-based Filipina singer’s English cover “I’ll Like You So Much, You’ll Know It” from the Taiwanese drama, A Love So Beautiful has gone viral, and rightfully so. Her melodious rendition already has more than 11 million views.

She also covers K-pop songs and guess what? Taeyang of famous K-pop group Big Bang event invited her to join him on stage during his Los Angeles show!

Check out her channel and join her 671k subscribers if you liked her too!

5. Megan Lee

Megan is associated with other YouTube stars like Jason Chen and Kurt Hugo Schneider. She has sung a duet with Jason Mraz himself when she won the Jason Mraz Cover Contest by Warner Music in 2012!

Aside from being a YouTuber, Megan has also starred as Sun Hi on Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop. She also debuted in Korea as a Kpop star after joining a singing competition but left and continued her YouTube and acting career. And, she was a contestant of the 14th season of The Voice under Team Alicia Keys. 

6. Cilla Chan

When Singaporean girl Priscilla “Cilla” Chan auditioned for famous singing competition The Voice, judge and singer Blake Shelton did not miss the chance to be her coach.

If you listen to her covers on YouTube or some of her performances on The Voice you’ll be amazed by her powerful and controlled voice!

7. Jane Lui

Jane Lui grew up in Hong Kong but moved to California to pursue her singing career that started with YouTube. She also plays guitar, accordion, piano, and the occasional water jug.

Not just that she also loves to improvise covers (listen above) and add her own take. And we love originality like that! 

These Asian cover sings who are now Internet sensations prove that if you can dream it, have the talent then you can easily make it.

And if you’re still pondering over whether to start your own music channel, take a cue from these crooners and sing away.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald