Wow! This Skin Printer Can Wipe Off Years From The Face Within Seconds

Wow! This Skin Printer Can Wipe Off Years From The Face Within SecondsWow! This Skin Printer Can Wipe Off Years From The Face Within Seconds

If you're looking for anti-aging treatments that work, look no further than this skin printer that is all set to launch by 2020

Taking years off your face within seconds might seem like a far-fetched fantasy, but wait until you see this skin printer at work. Launched at CES 2019 in Las Vegas--a tech exposition of new tech that aims to push the boundaries-- this handheld printer created by Procter and Gamble is a revelation. If you're looking for anti-aging treatments that work, look no further than this gadget.

The device reportedly restores your skin's youthfulness. It does so by scanning and applying small precise amounts of makeup to cover burst blood vessels, age spots, and other blemishes, as it detects the colour and hyperpigmentation of the skin. All without affecting the rest of the skin at all.

This miracle worker is called the Opté Precision Skincare System, an at-home skincare device.

And, with all the promises that we hear coming from many beauty products with seemingly impossible results, this one might just actually sound credible enough.

Is This One Of The Best Anti-Aging Treatments That Works? 

According to the press release, the handheld thermal inkjet printer has 120 nozzles, plus a camera that captures 200 pictures of your skin each second.

It "deposits 1,000 Optimizing Serum picoliter (1 billionth of a litre) droplets on each skin spot to achieve precise coverage with 99% less product than alternatives."

The result is an unreal, skin-smoothing beauty filter effect, instead of traditional makeup. 

How Much Will This Cost You? 

In the meantime, plenty of questions need to be asked before the Opté can be concluded to work for everyone. Most importantly, how much will the device cost, in addition to the specialised makeup?

It seems that the makeup formula is being called “Opté Precision Serum” by its maker Procter and Gamble, giving off the impression that it might just cost a lot.

According to the Cincinnati Business Courier, it was reported that the UV-protecting and moisturising serum should "last all day" until face is washed, refills should "last about two months," and that the product will be expected to be available for sale in early 2020.

Although by the time you finish reading this, Hong Kong might already be ahead of the curve, judging by this website and this video.


Incidentally, these are not the only anti aging treatments that work or claim to. 

5 Other Bizarre Anti Aging Treatments That Work

Women across the globe are trying to look faux filter flawless and this race to look their best and youthful has prompted the innovation of several types of bizarre facials. Scroll down to see a list of other bizarre anti aging treatments that work miraculously! 

1. Gold facial

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One of the face treatments to try is the 24-karat gold facial, which will no doubt cost you. The benefits of the anti-aging treatment include the regeneration of new cells, skin firming, and protects the level of collagen and elastin in the skin.

2. Bird poop facial

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Prepare to fork out $200 for the bird poop facial, also called Geisha Facial, as the bird excrement is mixed with rice bran to exfoliate skin gently.

3. Vampire facial

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The vampire facial is another one of the fascinating, but weird anti aging treatments that work. Initially popularised by the Kardashians, your facialist will draw your own blood and then place it in a separate centrifuge.

It will probably make you look really scary, as the treatment heals wounds and stimulates collagen, as platelet-rich plasma is applied and injected into the face using micro-needles.

4. Snail facial

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For an extraordinary experience, consider the Celebrity Escargot Course at Tokyo's Clinical Salon for a gentler, harmless beauty treatment. Once you go through an initial cleansing by an aesthetician, live snails will crawl all over your face, as enhancing ingredients such as moisturising hyaluronic acid, proteins, and antioxidants are applied. 

5. Fire facial

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Japan is well known for coming up with unusual beauty treatments, including the latest Huǒ liáo fire treatments, which are said to be very popular. Basically, it involves soaking towels in alcohol and a refreshing beauty elixir. Then spreading it all over parts of the face and body, and finally, setting on fire.   

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