Anne Curtis Just Gave Away 34 BlackPink Concert Tickets To Her Fans

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Actress, host, model, businesswoman, singer... now Anne Curtis can add "K-pop fairy godmother" to her resume!

Talk about generous! To celebrate her 34th birthday, the "It's Showtime" host and actress Anne Curtis just gave away BlackPink concert tickets to 34 lucky fans. Scroll on to read more about the Anne Curtis BlackPink giveaway.

She announced the giveaway in December 2018 via her foundation Dream Machine, asking Filipino Blinks to share stories about how they helped someone achieve their dreams.

And now, Anne just made 34 Pinoy Blinks' dreams come true.

#TheKoreAnneBirthdayGiveaway: The Anne Curtis BlackPink Giveaway

"Was lovely to read all your stories and know how passionate you all are to help others too," she wrote. "Big hugs! BOOMBAYAH!"

The 34 lucky fans posted on social media, expressing their thanks to Anne for her generosity.

It's not secret that Anne is a K-pop fan. Early last year, she was totally shookt when the official BlackPink House account commented on one of her Instagram posts:

BlackPink will be performing in Manila on February 2.

Bet you wish you joined the Anne Curtis BlackPink giveaway!

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