Meet Angelina Mead King: Transgender Businesswoman And A Fashion Icon

Meet Angelina Mead King: Transgender Businesswoman And A Fashion IconMeet Angelina Mead King: Transgender Businesswoman And A Fashion Icon

In her exclusive interview with HerStyleAsia, transgender businesswoman Angelina Mead King pours her heart out about life, work, and her newest love

When you first meet the soft-spoken and demure Angelina Mead King, you can be fooled into thinking that she comes from nobility. After all, she is a gorgeous woman with a strong head on her shoulders, unabashed and unafraid to speak her mind. She can only come from a place of complete self-awareness, you might think.

But that isn't the story of Filipino transgender icon, Angelina Mead King.

She may have been unabashed and unafraid to speak her mind when she was Ian King, the famous Filipino businessman. But when Ian came out to become Angelina Mead King in 2016, there was a lot of soul searching and reinforcement of self-confidence.  

"The girl in me has been in my thoughts since I can remember, its only with the internet I learned the word transgender. I didn’t know there were so many others like me online," shares Angelina Mead King in an exclusive interview with HerStyleAsia.

How Angelina Mead King Became A Transgender Icon  

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Today, after almost six years since Ian became Angelina, King is perhaps one of the biggest names in the Pinoy transgender community. She is paving the way for others to come forward and live their truth.

And not just that she is also quickly becoming a fashionable force to reckon with. With the support of her friends and family, King has been making inroads in the fashion industry. Her latest stint being the Tecknomonster bags.

"I partnered with Tecknomonster bags because I love carbon fiber and the style really appealed to me. I am now the distributor for Manila and California," shares King, Car Porn racing owner. 

We spoke to this rising Pinoy star and transgender icon on her life, work and her gorgeous wife, Joey Mead King. Here's an excerpt from our exclusive.  

Angelina Mead King In An Exclusive With HerStyleAsia

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HSA: Angie, please tell our readers about yourself and how you started your own race car business?
AMK: I am Angie King from the Philippines, I manage a local hotel chain called Victoria Court and other stand alone brand hotels. I work in multiple industries in different countries. I often travel a lot and I love cars. On my downtime I love to watch Netflix and cook amazing dishes!
I started the car business because its what I love to do and ever since I was 16 thats all I can think about. I am a hands-on owner, I am versed in all aspects of the car shop from mechanical, electrical, design, and racing.
HSA: What were you like before you transitioned? 
AMK: I was a metrosexual adrenaline junkie, my hobbies have not changed since I transitioned. Lucky enough I still get to do what I love doing!
HSA: When you (were Ian) got married to Joey, did you have any inkling about 'Angie’?
AMK: Yes I did, 
HSA: When did you first feel that you wanted to break free and accept your feminine side? 
AMK: When my dad was in the hospital for four months, I realised life is short and you can only have once chance to be your true self.
HSA: How many years after your marriage did you tell Joey about how you truly felt? And when did you transition? 
AMK: Around three months into the relationship I said I liked women's underwear and it escalated from there. I was on androgen blockers for three years before I transitioned. When my dad passed away about six months after I wanted to transition full time.

The Kings: How Angelina and Joey Live Their Fairytale 

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HSA: How did Joey and the rest of your family react to your decision?
AMK: It was a very hard moment for us, it wasn’t easy in the beginning for everyone, friends and family included. And we were at the point of breaking up already when I was coming out. As for my family, when I did decide to go full time they were supportive already.
HSA: How has your relationship with your wife and your family changed since your transitioned?
AMK: If anything I am closer to both my inner friends and immediate family. I have been blessed with an easy transition where I got nothing but respect and admiration from my friends and peers. Sadly this isn’t how it goes for most people who transition. 
HSA: This is an extraordinary change for a couple. What’s kept you together?
AMK: We decided we are good for each other hence we made the effort to stay together. (In fact) Joey (of Asia’s Next Top Model fame) has taught me everything I know and because she loves fashion she is also my personal stylist. With makeup I am actually a minimalist I only wear powder, blush and lip balm or lipstick.
HSA: Do you think a child would have complicated the situation further?
AMK: I already knew I didn’t want anymore children after my first child from another partner.

Angie On Her Life As A Transgender Icon 

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HSA: How do you feel now that you live your true authentic self? 
AMK: It feels amazing, after I came out i started my race career and its been pretty successful! It clears up the cloud in you mind regarding self doubt and shame.
HSA: Did you ever face discrimination? How did you deal with it?
AMK: Yes in the airports and countries with a strong religion belief. I just shrug it off and go about my business. I can’t force people to like me I just hope they wont harm me.
HSA: You also released a documentary last year, what was the purpose? 
AMK: It was to help everyone understand what it was like for Joey and I and to give hope to others that its possible to break free from stigma and live a happily married life still as a trans woman.
HSA: What is your advice to transgender millennials and to those who haven't come out yet?
AMK: Find someone who you can open up too, in Manila we don’t have gender specialist but normally if one is thinking about it then there is something there. Having a friend or family to support you is very important and what ever happens don’t loose hope. It was rough in the beginning for about three years before it got better for me.

Why The Kings Are Also Millennial Icons

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HSA: Your relationship, and courage has been instrumental in helping many of your followers to come out as well. What does that responsibility mean to you?
AMK: It means a lot to be an inspiration for others, I feel good that I am helping change views and norms in society.
HSA: How do you think social media helps to being about change?
AMK: Well social media outed me so I can say its both good and bad. The good is it gets the message across and I am able to help other people. The bad is that people now compare to much to other people and it makes people anti social at dinners.
I just do what I do and share that, I am not an activist, I work and run multiple businesses as a trans woman and that for me is enough of an example that I am just a normal part of society.

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Towards the end of our interview, Angelina Mead King—a fan of Elon Musk and Richard Branson—shared some interesting life mantras.
"Positivity is everything, without it life would be heavy," shares King.
As for the future, apart from a thriving race car business and her many hotel chains, Angie is also working on her newest love and latest project- Wok2go
"Just expanding my restaurant concept called Wok2go. It's a rice in a box concept that were trying to grow, we offer different flavours of Asia boxed in with your favourite protein, veggies and rice or noodles," shares the excited King, as she signs off to get herself a box of good health for lunch. 
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