Angelica Panganiban Finally Breaks Silence About "Paasa" Carlo Aquino

Angelica Panganiban Finally Breaks Silence About "Paasa" Carlo AquinoAngelica Panganiban Finally Breaks Silence About "Paasa" Carlo Aquino

After the former couple's movie 'Exes Baggage' came out, we thought Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino would get back together. Turns out we weren't alone.

Back in the late 90s and early '00s, Playhouse star Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino were the "it" couple that pretty much every Filipino tween was obsessed with. But after six years dating, the couple called it quits, breaking hearts all over the country.

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But last year, when they worked together on the movie Exes Baggage (that totally capitalized on the couple's history), we got our hopes up, thinking that the two could rekindle their romance. And it wasn't like our hopes were totally unfounded — while promoting the movie, both Angelica and Carlo were affectionate with each other on social media and during interviews.

However, just a few months after Exes Baggage ended its cinema run, Panganiban unfollowed Carlo on Instagram. Later, photos of Carlo with model Trina Candanza spread like wildfire on social media.

One could say that Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino were only playing up the romance for ticket sales, but it turns out that we weren't the only ones who got our hopes up.

Soon after the photos of Carlo and Trina came out, Angelica tweeted in Tagalog: "When Playhouse ends, could you [my fans] support me as I try to move on? Out of my three previous relationships, I'm sure that this will take me the longest to move on from."

Though Angelica's tweet was about her TV drama, her fans read between the lines and saw that it was probably also about Carlo. But the actress is lucky to have such dedicated fans, who quickly rallied around her. Here are some replies to her tweet:

"At first I thought I was a fan of Carlo, but after these dramas I realized I was not, because I am as hurt as you are. Now I know that you are the one I really admire for being so true, so raw, so organic. Now I admire you the most. We are so many to support you." "Virtual hugs for you Angge. I know you're a strong person. You'll overcome this with time." "Good luck to the people who hurt you. To be honest, we loved him too because of you."

Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino: What's the deal now?

In a recent interview, Angelica also admitted that she and Carlo are no longer friends, that they're no longer in touch, and that she felt led on. She said that she didn't want to work with Carlo in the near future. "Pagtanda namin, mga Tita Glo, ganun [Maybe when we're older, around Tita Glo's age," she said. (Gloria Romero is 85.)

When asked if she felt disappointed that she and Carlo weren't able to work things out, she replied: "Yun naman yun e. Yun naman yung nararamdaman ko, disappointed. [That's it. That's how I feel, disappointed]."

She was also asked if she felt led on, if she hoped that she and Carlo would get back together, she said that Carlo's words and actions made her feel like that was what he wanted:

"Yun ang sabi niya—umasa daw ako. [That's what he said—I had hope.] So..."

Oof that's rough. Angelica girl, we totally feel you.

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