Why Did Angel Locsin Walk Out Of A Taping Of 'The General's Daughter'?

Why Did Angel Locsin Walk Out Of A Taping Of 'The General's Daughter'?Why Did Angel Locsin Walk Out Of A Taping Of 'The General's Daughter'?

Rumor has it that 'The General's Daughter' is filled with drama even behind the scenes.

On Friday, February 15, actress Angel Locsin allegedly walked out during a taping of the ABS-CBN action-drama The General's Daughter. Why did Angel Locsin walk out of the taping?

There are several theories behind the walkout circulating around the internet, but as of this writing, none have been confirmed.

Why Did Angel Locsin Walk Out Of The Taping?

Was she frustrated with her director?

One report said that Angel had had enough of director Manny Palo's methods, as he would frequently cuss and shout on set. When she left the set, she allegedly said, "I can't take this anymore."

However, when Angel's costar Tirso Cruz III was asked about this, he said that he had no problems with the director. He also couldn't say what had happened, as when he had arrived on set, Angel had already gone.

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Or did she feel disrespected?

According to a report by Pep.ph, the reason behind the walk-out can be traced back to an issue Angel had with a scene they were filming. In the scene, her character was supposed to be in a disguise, and Angel took issue with the fact that the scene only had four much older talents. She told a member of the productions staff that the scene and her disguise wouldn't be believable to the viewers.

The production staff member allegedly gave her an unsatisfactory answer and turned their back to her, leaving Angel hanging. This offended the show's lead actress, which is why she left the taping.

Did the walk out even happen?

As of this writing, Neither Angel nor the production staff has acknowledged the rumors, but her costar Loisa Andalio recently said that she thinks the incident never happened in the first place.

Loisa told Push that she hasn't felt any animosity among the people involved in the production, and was surprised when she read the gossip. She also said that Angel is very patient and easy to work with, which is why the gossip just doesn't seem in line with the Angel that she knew.

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