Ready For Liftoff: Singer-Songwriter AndreaH Is About To Take The World By Storm

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Singapore-based artist AndreaH has only been making music for a couple of years, but she's already made quite an impact on the region's music scene.

Ever since she was a little girl, music played a huge part in AndreaH's life. The Irish-Filipina artist started out singing in the local church choir, and participated in music events in school. After taking piano and singing lessons in grade school, she started writing songs herself at the age of 14, teaching herself to play the guitar as well.

By 15, she was writing songs seriously. Her first release "Best Friend" was written as a parting gift to a friend whose family had moved to another country.  “I hope my music can help people through rough and difficult times, as it has helped me,” she says.

Two years later, AndreaH has already travelled and performed around the region. She's supported The Script in concert in Hong Kong and Manila, as well as Sam Smith in Singapore.  “It was simply a dream come true to be up there in front of such large audiences, and I enjoyed every minute,” she says.

Though she says she's never been in love, her latest single "You" is a radio-worthy love song loaded with emotion. "I wrote 'You' about my best friend and her boyfriend," she says. "I was really intrigued by the feeling of being in love, one which I have yet to experience." One could say that the song was a collaborative effort between AndreaH and her best friend — they sat down and talked about her best friend's relationship, and put bits of their conversation into the song.

It's hard to believe that AndreaH is just 17 years old. In such a short span of time, she's already achieved so much, but she's only started. In an email interview with HerStyleAsia, the singer-songwriter fills us in on what she's learned in her journey as an artist.

HerStyleAsia: What’s your creative process usually like?  Where do you usually draw inspiration from?

AndreaH: In my mind, the creative process is pretty simple. However, when I explain it to people, it’s sorta complicated. I write songs based on personal experiences. I think of my soon-to-be album/EP as my journal, and all the songs in it are from real-life experiences I’ve gone through or close friends have gone through.

HSA: You’ve already performed all over the world to different kinds of audiences — which performance so far has been your favourite?

AH: I always enjoy performing in front of an audience, no matter who they are. But I’d say my favourite performances were opening for The Script, Sam Smith, and Roadtrip.

Although they were all different experiences, I loved each and every single moment, and I couldn’t just pick one performance as being my favourite. Each performance allows me to grow and develop as both a musician and a performer.

Ready For Liftoff: Singer-Songwriter AndreaH Is About To Take The World By Storm

HSA: What was it like opening for artists like Sam Smith and The Script?

AH: It was definitely an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. They were all so kind and made me feel welcomed, which made me feel at ease, which ultimately made me enjoy performing even more. Of course, it was scary and nerve-wracking, especially so before I went on stage, but when I was on the stage, I felt calm and composed, sort of like I was born to do this and share my music with the world. The experience allowed me to showcase my music, my story and my experiences with the world, and it is something I am extremely grateful for.

HSA: Which artists do you look up to?

AH: I’d say the two artists I look up to would be Beyoncé and Selena Gomez. They’re both talented performers and incredible artists, and they are the people that inspire me. They are empowering, and kind-hearted, and want the best for their fans; this is a trait that I wish to carry with my musical journey.

HSA: Who are you currently listening to?

AH: Currently, I’m listening to Sam Smith (obviously!!), as well as this new Irish singer-songwriter known as JC Stewart. I am in a chill vibe at the moment, so I am listening to slow and chill pop songs that help me relax.

Ready For Liftoff: Singer-Songwriter AndreaH Is About To Take The World By Storm

HSA: How much have you grown as a musician since you started writing songs?

AH: I definitely have grown a lot. I never knew that I would have the opportunity to tour with such amazing artists. I feel as though the older (and wiser) I get, the more mature my songs are, and I think this shines through in the lyrics.

Compared to the songs I wrote when I was 14, I can definitely say that my songs now have more depth and texture to them.  I think that that has come about by the opportunities that I have, as well as the wonderful people I have met along the way which have influenced me and my musical ability.

HSA: What advice would you give to a young person who also wants to pursue a career in music?

AH: Don’t give up, and work hard. Hard work and passion, in my opinion, go hand in hand and you wouldn’t be as successful if one were missing. If you’re hard working,  you’ll get things done. And if you’re passionate, you’ll get things done to your best ability, and your love for music will shine through.

Also, don’t let anyone be the judge of who you are as a musician; if you’re happy with yourself and what you’ve done, that is all that matters.

AndreaH: The 3 Albums That Changed My Life

1) James Bay - Electric Light

Although my favourite song of his ("Let it go") comes from his album Chaos and the Calm, this album has impacted the way I feel about different music genres. The album Electric Light consists of songs from different genres, and it shows James Bay’s development as a musician. His talent really shines through, and you can see that he is an artist without musical boundaries; this is something I hope I can achieve one day.

2) Sam Smith - In the Lonely Hour

This album has gotten me through the tough times in my life. Sam Smith is an amazing singer-songwriter, and all of his songs hit me right in the feels. Also, his music (particularly so in this album) has guided me into a direction I want to take as a musician, and I really value the lyrics of his songs.

3) The Script - Science and Faith

Science and Faith doesn’t have a single song I wouldn’t listen to on repeat. It's got sad and slow songs, as well as fast and happy ones that make you wanna dance. This album has changed my life as it has introduced me into the different ways I can portray different meanings of songs, in terms of the song’s arrangement. I can portray a sad meaning through a fast song, and a happy meaning through a slow song; there are no boundaries.

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