Actor Aloysius Pang Sustained Chest And Abdominal Injuries In Overseas Military Exercise

Actor Aloysius Pang Sustained Chest And Abdominal Injuries In Overseas Military Exercise

His role in the upcoming drama 'My One in a Million' will be recast.

In shocking news, Singapore actor Aloysius Pang sustained serious injuries to his chest and abdominal areas during an overseas SAF training exercise. The 28-year-old was injured on Saturday afternoon, January 19, while carrying out repairs inside a Singapore Self-propelled Howitzer in New Zealand. Scroll on to read more about Aloysius Pang injury.

Pang was transported via ambulance and a helicopter to Waikato Hospital in critical condition. He then underwent surgery on that evening, followed by a follow-up surgery on Monday, January 21.

"A medical team from Singapore is working with the New Zealand team to provide the best possible care for CFC (NS) Pang," said the Singapore Ministry of Defence in a release.

In a press conference held on Monday (Jan 21), his manager Dasmond Koh said that Pang had been "crushed", but didn't give further details. Investigations determining the cause of the incident is still ongoing.

Aloysius Pang injury updates

Fans of the actor will be happy to note that the actor is doing well, and is now in stable condition. He's awake, alert, and breathing on his own.

"Currently Aloysius is in a stable condition, his vitals are stable, and he's awake, alert and he's breathing on his own, not requiring any mechanical ventilation," Dr. Teo Li Tserng, Tan Tock Seng Hospital's chief of trauma, said in a video sent to media.

Authorities haven't set a time to bring Pang back to Singapore, but they will wait until they're confident that his condition is stable enough before they do so.

Pang's role to be recast

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Pang was cast as the male lead in the upcoming drama My One in a Million, which is scheduled to start shooting in February. However, because of this incident, the role will be recast so that Pang can concentrate on his recovery.

"Aloysius is a highly talented and professional actor and a joy to work with," said Ms Karen Yew in a statement to The Straits Times. "Our doors will be open for him when he is ready and we look forward to his full and speedy recovery."

"He told his mother he wants to recover quickly so he can come back and shoot," Mr Kong told the media.

This Aloysius Pang injury news was shocking, but we hope that he recovers soon!

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