African-Chinese Teen Urges Fellow Singaporeans To Not Use The N-Word

African-Chinese Teen Urges Fellow Singaporeans To Not Use The N-WordAfrican-Chinese Teen Urges Fellow Singaporeans To Not Use The N-Word

Local African-Chinese teen, Melanie Kasise, became the subject of racism in Singapore when trolls used the 'N' word for her online

Even in this day and age of PC culture and social awareness, racism is still prevalent, even in Singapore. Just as one local African-Chinese teen, Melanie Kasise recently found out.

The 16-year-old an aspiring model recently became the subject of racist, derogatory comments, when she reportedly received online hate from people who referred to her by the ‘N’ word.

African-Chinese Teen Faces Racism In Singapore

Kasise who is well on her way to becoming a successful model was called a ‘nigga,’ by online haters. However, much to their dismay, the aspiring model refrained from preaching and instead shared a request with fellow Singaporeans.   

She shared that even though she is half-black, she detests hearing or using the N-word herself, and hopes her fellow locals will follow in her footsteps. The 16-year-old also added that she hoped that people would stop using the N-word randomly, as it demonstrated ignorance on their part. This, especially due to the terrible history and baggage behind it. 

Her powerful tweet was retweeted almost 1400 times and counting.

Kasise Tweeted Her Concern And Shed Light On The Wrongful Use Of The ‘N’ Word

The young model shared that she thought the term “nigga” should be avoided at all costs. However, she did not want to elaborate the ‘why’ any further.

“Even as a girl that is partially African, I do not like to use that word because it is a word with ALOT of history, and even I have not been through the true weight of the word,” she shared. 

Although this might be the first case to get as much attention online, Singapore has not been avert to racism. 

African-Chinese Teen Shines Spotlight On Relationship Between Singapore And Black History  

Similar to the lack of knowledge surrounding a Swastika tattoo, most Singaporeans might reportedly not be familiar with the backstory of the N-word. It is most definitely not just another word. It was a term used to demean and belittle African slaves in America back in the days. 

In its recent article, Yahoo shared an interesting observation.

“It’s not unusual for a Singaporean not to ever interact with a black individual their whole life, and this isolation from the black community would mean that very rarely they’d be called out for using the N-word,” they noted.  

Is There A Lack Of Cultural Sensitivity Among Singaporeans?

The lack of African representation in Singapore may have perpetuated this lack of cultural sensitivity and awareness towards black culture or black history among Singaporeans.

What is more, the demographic split in Singapore consists of  74.3 percent Chinese, 13.4 percent Malay, 9.1 percent Indian, and 3.2 percent rest (2016 est.), and most locals generally do not feel as connected to cultures based outside Singapore.

african chinese teen

After the African-Chinese teen trolling came to light, people are asking: is Singapore culturally inclusive?

Multicultural Singapore may be portrayed on the surface as an egalitarian state where various ages, religions, and races work in harmony. But this does not exclude instances of discrimination, even though they are hardly reported.
With an accepting majority, as an ethnically diverse society that prides itself as a metropolitan, multicultural country, racism still remains a touchy topic.

Generally, the three majority ethnic groups in Singapore have been in harmony for the most part. But they are not without their differences.

Note that issues have been brought to light in local media. But because of local government restrictions surrounding both the internet and media, the reality of the situation is tough to determine.

Thankfully, there have been no aggressive cases of racism have in Singapore over the past few years. But looks like prejudice is still experienced by some. 

For example, an explicit form of racial discrimination in Singapore is reportedly the apparent favouritism of the majority with Chinese heritage over the minority with Malay or Indian backgrounds. 

Most locals do demonstrate respect towards other races and support multiracialism. And we hope that this harmony and racial privilege remains intact.

News Source: Yahoo, Coconuts Singapore

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