5 Acne-Friendly Makeup Products You Need In Your Life

5 Acne-Friendly Makeup Products You Need In Your Life

These acne-friendly makeup products are tried and tested, and have the HerStyleAsia seal of approval

Acne during teen years is painful, embarrassing and a bane for our self-confidence. The only respite is that pretty much everybody (except a few lucky ones) is going through it. But what happens when it continues to hound you well into adulthood, just when you thought you had banished your last zit in school? 

Our stressful jobs, a rise in pollution, constantly fluctuating hormones and decision to bear kids much later in life has left us exposed to various medical conditions, including bad skin. For a busy working girl, balancing work and life is hard enough, add acne to the mix, and you have an out of control self-esteem at hand. 

Unfortunately (yes there's more), getting rid of adult acne is harder than getting rid of it in your teens. You may have to make multiple dermatologist appointments and put on medications. In some cases, you may not even be allowed to use any makeup (if told by the doctor as such, as was in my case). 

While a good skincare routine can help you overcome your acne issues (you can follow mine from here), most brands do not cater to an young adult's skin which becomes older and harsher.

But worry not, we're here to help you find the most acne-friendly products that are also easy on the pockets. These are tried and tested (seeing as we used them ourselves) and have the HerStyleAsia seal of approval.  

1. Skincare

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If you are looking for acne-friendly makeup, you need to begin with skincare. It should very much be a part of your morning routine and something you shouldn't mind investing in. If you are already on a dermatologist-recommended cream, continue to use a thin layer pf it underneath your makeup.

However, if you are in the market for something new and have combination to oily skin, we recommend VMV Hypoallergenics Id: Sweat Acne + Overall Antibacterial Monolaurin Gel (S$42). This acne-friendly makeup product might smell slightly medicinal. But it works wonders to fight bacteria that causes zits and mattifies your skin. It also works well under makeup.

You can even try the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (S$36). As the name suggests, it dries our acne without leaving flaky skin behind. 

On the other hand, if you have dry to normal skin, we recommend First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream (S$20). This acne-friendly makeup product keeps the skin moisturised and can be used under makeup.

2. Primer 

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No matter if your skin is oily, dry pr combination, you need to moisturise it before you start slapping on any makeup. And that's where a good primer-cum-moisturiser comes in handy. 

We recommend the Smashbox Photofinish Primerizer (S$38). It manages to keep the foundation in place for more than eight hours. Plus, it has niacinamide that moisturises and hyaluronic acid that holds water within the skin. 

It is also light-weight so you won't feel as though you've already caked up your face. 

3. Foundation 

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The second product you need to get that flawless base is a foundation. Now this can be a tricky purchase because there are not many foundations in the market that are specifically manufactured for adult acne-prone skin. 

They are mostly categorised as suitable for oily, dry or combination. However, if you have acne you need a foundation that not only soothes active acne, covers your blemishes and acne scars but also doesn't break you out. 

The best choice for somebody on a budge is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Correct and Perfect CC Cream (S$13). This acne-friendly makeup product gives you medium coverage that is buildable. Its also quite nourishing and gives you a clear glow.

If you are not sure about a liquid, you can also try the BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Mineral Powder Foundation (S$36.50). This powder foundation is light on the skin and its ingredients actively work on your acne. So its really two-in-one. 

2. Concealer 

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Sometimes you just want to hide that ugly zit on your cheek that just refuses to go away. But there is an issue with most concealers. Their thickness and consistency can clog pores and may be more harmful for your zit. 

However, there is no need to be scared of using concealers. There are still some products you can use. We recommend trying the Neutrogena Skin Clearing line that includes the Neutrogena Naturals Skin Clearing Concealer (S$18). This acne-friendly makeup product is especially great if you have oily to combination skin and already includes salicylic acid that helps reduce the appearance of acne. 

For those with dry skin, the Urban Decay Naked Skin - Weightless Complete Coverage (S$40) works wonderfully. Its medium to buildable coverage is good for sensitive flaky skin. 

3. Powders 

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No makeup is complete if you don't set it, even if you like sheer coverage. What that does is prevents your face from becoming too oily and the concealers and foundations from moving. But a wrong face powder can make or break your look. 

If it doesn't match your skin tone, it can leave a grey cast or make you look too dark or too light. So the solution this is to use either your favourite powder foundation or a setting powder than doesn't irritate your acne. 

We recommend the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder (S$15). This acne-friendly makeup product is non-comedogenic, which means it won't irritate your acne-prone skin.

5. Makeup tools

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The last and perhaps most important thing to remember if you have acne-prone skin is the makeup tool you use. No matter if you apply your foundation, powder or blushes and eyeshadows, your blenders and brushes should be cleaned regularly. 

Clean your sponges after each use and your brushes weekly. This prevents germs from setting and sitting over them and giving rise to bacteria.

Plus, a clean brush ensure that you are able to use different colours each time you do your makeup. So a key to having a clean an clear skin is clean and clear makeup application. 

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