5 good things for baby that are good for you, too!

5 good things for baby that are good for you, too!5 good things for baby that are good for you, too!

Who wouldn't want to be pampered like a baby? Here are easy ways to spoil yourself the way you deserve in order to stay happy and healthy

Let's face it. We all would like to be pampered like a baby. To have someone bathing us, moisturizing our skin, brushing our hair, dressing us up, feeding us when we're hungry, and rocking us to sleep when we're sleepy—it's a fantastic treat for a weary soul. 

And you know us female hustlers deserve the break, some dessert, and definitely a lot of pampering. We probably only shut our brains off when we sleep—if we are actually getting any sleep!

But just as a baby has particular needs in order to stay happy and healthy, you have your own needs, too—and they're more similar to a baby's than you might have even realized. 

So here are five ways to pamper yourself at home that babies get to enjoy, but you often skip for yourself. Remember, you need to be happy and healthy, too, so you can keep hustling like the inspiring hardworking woman you are.

1. Naps

We know it’s tempting to spend your weekends getting extra work done, running errands, or maybe even catching up on that new online streaming series that everyone’s talking about. Work can wait, errands can wait, and so can your online show. Take a nap!

Get rid of the guilt that tells you should be working non-stop. If your body needs to rest, listen to it. Lie down and close your eyes and take a catnap. Once you’re up, go out and enjoy dinner and some quality me-time. That nap will definitely come in handy when you need to pull the night shift at work.

2. Regular visits to the doctor

Babies have it easy because scheduling the next doctor's appointment is practically done for them after visiting the pediatrician. As for you, don’t forget to be just as faithful in visiting your dermatologist, dentist, and even your nutritionist. If you happen to be a young mom, too, you’ve just gone through the grueling physical challenge that is childbirth, and you may be going through the equally difficult challenge that is breastfeeding. Take care of yourself and see the medical professionals you need to see to help you be at your best.

3. A healthy diet

We weren’t kidding about that nutritionist bit! As a mother constantly obsesses over what goes into her baby’s mouth, from the first bites of solid food to the everyday objects her curious little one shouldn’t swallow, show yourself the same love. Make sure that you eat a balanced diet the same way that a mother would painstakingly design her baby’s daily menu. 

4. Baby bath products

Think about it: If a baby’s skincare products are designed for the most sensitive of skins, wouldn’t they be good for your skin, too? Wouldn’t that make them better than what you’re using?

Often times, we think we’re already using the best skincare products for our skin, but that may not be the case. If you are experiencing dryness and itchy patches, this could be a sign that you need skincare with natural ingredients. Perhaps it’s time to try a more moisturizing product.

ways to pamper yourself at home

If you’ve been using a regular bar soap but find that your skin is not improving, using baby bath products just might be the answer to your beauty woes. Johnson’s® Milk+Rice™ Bath is two times more effective at moisturizing than your favorite regular bar soap. It contains natural oatmeal and rice extract, two ingredients trusted for their rich moisturizing effects.

Johnson’s® Milk+Rice™ Bath is also more moisturizing than bar soap and has a clinically-proven mild formula that is pH-balanced, dermatologist-tested, paraben-free, soap-free, and hypoallergenic.

Go ahead, and don’t be shy to pamper your skin like a baby!

Visit the Johnson’s Baby Philippines’ Facebook page to learn more about Johnson’s Baby Bath, and buy it hassle-free at Lazada.

5. Hugs

Studies have shown that hugging a baby frequently is linked to higher self-esteem, better parent-child communication, and fewer psychological and behavior problems.

Hugging doesn’t just benefit children. A study has shown than even for adults, hugs lower stress levels and also help to reduce fears and pain. Hugs can also make you happier because they trigger the release of oxytocin, which is a hormone associated with happiness.

According to family therapist Virginia Satir, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.”

Hug a friend, hug your partner, even your coworker! Don’t think that hugs are just for the kids. And when you do, make sure that your skin is baby-soft and supple. To moisturize your skin as gently as you do with your baby’s skin, use Johnson’s Milk+OatsTM Lotion. It has 24hr moisture lock to infuse your skin with essential milk proteins and oats, keeping it soft and supple all day.

These five everyday things are easy to turn into your daily routine. Try all of these tips and see how your wellness will improve. 

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