11 Questions To Ask Before You Get 3-D Demi-Permanent Brows

11 Questions To Ask Before You Get 3-D Demi-Permanent Brows

So you want darker, fuller brows on fleek, but are you sure they're right for you?

Tattooing one's eyebrows isn't exactly a new thing. My grandmother and her sisters had it done when I was a kid. But as with any trend, they're cycling back again, but this time, with the help of advanced tech, they've come in the form of 3D semi-permanent brows.

As a teen in the 90s, when skinny eyebrows were all the rage, I was self-conscious about my bushy brows. So you can just imagine my surprise a few years back to find out what "eyebrows on fleek" meant!

Both my mum and brother had 3D semi-permanent brows done recently and I have to say there's some level of pressure on me to join the bandwagon! 

But I'm a Virgo and I like to do research before having anything done. I mean, it took me weeks to decide if I should cut my hair short, so imagine how long it will take me to decide whether or not to get something a little bit more permanent...or semi-permanent, in this case.

If you're like me and can't decide whether or not 3D semi-permanent brows are your thing, don't worry. Here's what I have found out about it so far and I hope it helps you decide as well.

11 Questions to Ask Before Getting 3D Semi-Permanent Brows

First off, what is the 3D semi-permanent brows procedure?

Also known as microblading or 3D embroidery, this procedure makes use of a super small blade and lasers to sculpt and shape eyebrows to make them darker and fuller. 

An esthetician/technician makes micro-incisions and inserts a pigment that mimics natural hair. 

During this time, the therapist will choose the perfect colour, shape, and apply a cream to numb the area. They can also start shaping it. These strokes are likened to how a hair normally grows, so it still looks super natural. 

How long will it take?

Normally, the first procedure lasts for about an hour and a half. 

The follow-up procedure, which is usually scheduled within 4 to 6 weeks, will take about an hour.


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What are the benefits?

You don't have to pencil in your eyebrows every day. Neither do you have to shell out for some brow gel or growth serum. It saves time, money, and boosts your confidence, too! You can finally use #wokeuplikethis on those daily selfies and really mean it.

How much do they usually cost? 

In Singapore, they can cost anywhere from S$300 to S$3,000, depending on the salon, clinic, and technique used. 

Is it painful?

There is some mild discomfort, but it's tolerable. Technicians make sure to apply a numbing serum before the procedure as well. 

What can I expect after the procedure?

Your brows would become extra dark and the skin around it might start to become a bit pinkish. For four to five days, eyebrows will be darker than normal. There might also be some flaking, but this is a normal process as the tiny incisions heal.

You might also be instructed not to engage in activities that make you sweat heavily, like exercise, for a few days. 


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Will it affect my eyebrows in the future?

Typically, these full, dark, natural brows will last for a year and a half. Or even up to three years for some! What's more, you don't need to have them touched up frequently.

How will it change my appearance?

Aside from giving you a boost of confidence because you've finally reached those elusive #BrowGoals, it can make your face look more refined and sculpted.

The great thing about it is we all have a brow shape that complements our face shape, and technicians are well aware of this. Fuller brows can soften sharp features and they can add sophistication and maturity, if that's your thing.


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Do I still need to put on makeup after?

No. Unless you want darker or more defined brows, which is rarely the case. You can save time in the morning and go straight to mascara and lipstick, knowing full well that your brows are eternally on point.

What about those bad brow jobs? 

As with any minimally invasive procedure, there is some risk. It's important to know that though the incisions are super tiny, a technician will have to make over a hundred of them! So they have to really well trained when it comes to the depth of incision and sterilisation process. But the cases of infection and other side effects are rare. 

Take, for instance, this Australian woman who was traumatised by a brow procedure left her brows misshapen and looking anything but natural. Thankfully though, there haven't been any extreme brow nightmares from microblading yet.

Why is it becoming such a big trend?

Because of celebrities, of course! With each beauty and fashion decision (and faux pas), they're truly effortless tastemakers. If we were to mark the resurgence of thick, natural brows, we have model Cara Delevingne to thank. Of course, she's not the only beauty to sport naturally full brows, which we suspect are genetic and not the product of microblading.

Brit beauties Keira Knightley and Emilia Clarke also have lovely thick brows. As well as American celebs Lily Collins, Solange Knowles, and Jennifer Connelly.

Right here in Asia, K-pop heartthrobs are giving guys serious #BroBrowGoals, like Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk!

But even for celebs, beautiful brows don't come naturally. Mandy Moore, Bella Thorne, Lena Dunham, and Minka Kelly have all had eyebrow embroidery done. 


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In the end, whether or not you decide this is for you, what matters is that you get eyebrows on fleek on your own terms! As for me, writing this article has made more determined to reach those #browgoals!

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Bianchi Mendoza