Before & After: Singapore Celebs Nail The #10YearChallenge

Before & After: Singapore Celebs Nail The #10YearChallengeBefore & After: Singapore Celebs Nail The #10YearChallenge

Dubbed the 10 year challenge meme, this new competition has local and foreign celebrities breaking the Internet like its nobody's business

ICYMI, people have been going bonkers over posting before-and-after photos online.

Avid social media users will know that the latest craze to hit the Internet is challenging people to share a picture of themselves shot 10 years ago, next to a current photo of them. Dubbed as the 10 year challenge meme, with the hashtag #10yearchallenge, local and foreign celebrities alike are jumping into the bandwagon.

Stars like Jessica Biel, Kate Hudson, Michelle Yeoh, and Reese Witherspoon have all taken part in the challenge. And now local celebrities and influencers such as Jamie Teo, Michelle Chia, Jean Danker, Michelle Chong, and Cheryl Wee have also joined in the fun.

What Is The 10 Year Challenge Meme? 

The new viral 10-year challenge that only just started has spread across all major social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

It challenges netizens to post pictures side-by-side comparing themselves from 10 years ago versus the present. Interestingly, thanks to a mix of nurture and nature, some celebrities seem not to have aged at all. And many have used this challenge as an opportunity to have fun! .

Scroll down to find out who participated in the #10yearchallenge!

Singapore Stars Share Their 10 Year Challenge Meme

1. Preetipls

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Singapore's social media star Preeti Nair aka Preetipls, also took part in the 10 year challenge and posted a bunch of pictures in solidarity (with her dog). Which, might we add were mighty funny.

In her caption, she wrote:  "he saddest #10yearchallenge yet (emoticon)...a Preeti Mini reunion now only exists in @thesims and also in my heart? you lived a beautiful 10 years ?swipe for bonus pics of my hideous self and tiny mini.
ALSO MINI JUST GAVE BIRTH IN THE SIMS, she got knocked up by some random ass Dalmatian ? and my sim is usually naked so pardon the clothing + she was pregnant in this screenshot too (sic)." 

2. Patricia Mok

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  A post shared by 팻드보그VIP? (@patdevogue) on

The famous Chinese actor and comic who rose to fame with her role JTEAM artistto 2012 in Comedy Night also joined in the fun. She posted her 10 year challenge meme on Instagram and received several positive messages. 

Many of her followers congratulated her on her beauty, many spoke about her talent. One follower wrote, "Wow you still Looks the same!" We couldn't agree more!

3. Fay Hokulani 

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  A post shared by Fay Hokulani ? (@fayhokulani) on

Model-turned-fitness trainer, Fay Hokulani posted her 10 year challenge meme as well. She looks pretty much the same to us.

While sharing her pictures, Hokulani wrote: "2019 vs 2009 @jillianmichaelspost made me do it ?? #10yearchallenge Tag a friend and dare them to share a photo from the past #tenyearsago! (sic)" 

4. Angela Lee

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  A post shared by Angela Lee Pucci (@angelaleemma) on

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and millennial role model, Angela Lee Pucci, also joined the 10 year challenge meme bandwagon. She posted a picture of herself from 10 years back when she just a kid. She received several positive responses to her picture and many of her followers encouraged her to continue her winning streak. 

Along with the pictures, Pucci jokingly wrote: "#10yearchallenge Spot the difference (emoticon) Betcha can't tell...(sic)" 

5. Dawn Yeoh

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Singaporean actress Dawn Yeoh who recently opened up about her body struggles, posted a picture as part of this challenge. At one point she went off food for two weeks and dropped her weight by four kilos. However, prompted and supported by her family she regained her confidence and took control of her body. 

 "I spent most of my time with family and friends. Their unconditional love influenced and reawakened the love within me and really inspired me to pay it forward. At the same time, I also read stories, quotes and articles and they really helped to motivate me," she told media outlets

6. Liv Lo

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  A post shared by Liv Lo Golding (@livvlo) on

Singaporean model Liv Lo also shared an image as part of the 10 year challenge and shared her personal struggle along with it. She posted that as a model she didn't like her lifestyle because it forced her to eat and look a certain way. But now after 10 years, she feels more content with her life. 

She wrote: "I used to hate myself when I modeled because it came with restrictive eating habits, body image and mental health issues. If I could tell my younger self a piece of advice it would be to “trust that everything will turn out alright, you will be alright!” Never compare yourself with others, even if it’s your dream job, because the grass is always greener on the other side #2009vs2019#10yearchallenge (sic)."

7. Hanli Hoefer

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  A post shared by Hanli Hoefer (@hanlihoefer) on

The Singapore-based VJ who started her career as a model also took part in the challenge.

Posting her picture on Instagram, she wrote: "2009-2019! To that reckless 16 year old that has so much to learn, there's no point giving you advice - cus' you're gonna do whatever the hell you want to anyway! She was always a stubborn one - still is (emoticon). The only thing I'd say is: stop trying to grow up so fast stupid. Just cus you're tall doesn't mean your grown!! Hahaha Sneaking out to go to Attica on a school night.. obsessing over egos and boys with her priorities all over the place.. ? I dunno whether to smack the back of your head or high 5 you. You were the best and the worst. No ragretz. ? #10yearschallenge (sic)."

With almost everybody and anybody jumping onto the 10 year challenge meme bandwagon, looks like it'll take some time before this trend dies down too. Have you done your 10-year challenge yet? 

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